Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:John Cabot University

Program: John Cabot University (Rome, Italy)

Sponsored by: Social Science; Arts and Letters; Communication Arts and Sciences

Offered in: Fall, Spring

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
SSCSocial Science
RELReligious Studies
AMSAmerican Studies
CLAClassical Studies
H AHistory of Art
STAStudio Art
CASComm Arts & Sciences
A LArts & Letters
PHLPhilosophySummer - 2019
ROMRomance Languages
MIMedia and Information
CSDCommunicative Sciences and Dis
A LArts & Letters
ACMArts and Cultural ManagementSummer - 2019
AFRAfrican LanguagesSummer - 2019
ARBArabicSummer - 2019
ASNAsian LanguagesSummer - 2019
ATDApparel and Textile DesignSummer - 2019
CHSChineseSummer - 2019
DHDigital HumanitiesSummer - 2019
FLMFilm StudiesSummer - 2019
FRNFrenchSummer - 2019
GDGraphic DesignSummer - 2019
GRKGreekSummer - 2019
GRMGermanSummer - 2019
HEBHebrewSummer - 2019
IAHIntegrative Studies Arts & HumSummer - 2019
KORKoreanSummer - 2019
JAPJapaneseSummer - 2019
LINLinguisticsSummer - 2019
LLLinguistics and LanguagesSummer - 2019
LLTLanguage, Learning & TeachingSummer - 2019
LTNLatinSummer - 2019
PHLPhilosophySummer - 2019
PRTPortugueseSummer - 2019
ROMRomance Languages
RUSRussianSummer - 2019
SPNSpanishSummer - 2019
STAStudio ArtSummer - 2019
WRAWriting, Rhet & Amer CulturesSummer - 2019
WSWomen's StudiesSummer - 2019
XAExperience ArchitectureSummer - 2019

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
IT101Introductory Italian (FS & SS)4CSP  7AAXITLITL 101: A&L
AH223Ancient Roman Art & Arch3CSP  7AAWH AHA 209: A&L
RL206Religions of the World3CSP  7AEFRELREL 101: A&L
AH290Ancient Rome & Its Monuments3CSP  7AAVH AHA 209: A&L
IT102Introductory Italian II (Summer)3CSP  7AEVSSCITL 102: A&L
AS212Figure Drawing & Painting3CSP  7ABDSTASTA 320: A&L
CL/HS231History of Rome & Ancient Italy3CSP  7AEEHSTHST 331: A&LSS04
IT201Intermediate Italian I3CSP  7AAYITLITL 201: A&L
IT202Intermediate Italian II3CSP  7ACBITLITL 202: A&L
TH241Italian Cinema Since 19453CSP  7ABATHRTHR 101: A&L
HS131Intro to Modern Europe 1878-19453CSP  7AGPHSTHST 336: A&L
HS226Italy Mussolini to 1st Rep Crisis3CSP  7AGNHSTHST 452: A&L
HS365Eur Imperialism & Great Wars3CSP  7AGSHSTHST 452: A&L
AH375Bernini and Baroque3CSP  7AEWH AHA GEN: A&L
CL260Classic Mythology 3CSP  7AFJCLACLA 140: A&L
AH191Survey Architectural Hist Rome3CSP  7AEXH AHA gen: A&L
IT101Introductory Italian (Summer)3CSP  7AEGITLITL 101: A&L
IT102Introductory Italian II (FS &SS)4CSP  7ABMITLITL 102: A&L
HS399CSpecial Topics3CSP  7ABFHSTHST 452: A&L
HST262Intro to Modern Europe II:1878=19453CSP  7AIUHSTHST 336: A&L
AH370ASel. Topics in Ren. Art3CSP  7AIVH AHA 420: A&L
HA 370ASel. Topics in Ren. Art3CSP  7AIVH AHA 422: A&L
CISC130Web Design3CSP  7APETCTC 346: CASUS15
AS110Drawing (Rome Portfolio)3CSP  7AFASTASTA 110: A&L
JRN/COM199Intro Photojournalism: Loc. in Rome3CSP  7BWYJRNJRN 310: CAS
CO315European Mass Media3CSP  7AVYTCTC GCU: CASUS15
AH298Baroque Rome & Its Monuments3CSP  7ARCH AHA GCU: A&L
AH 376Michelangelo3CSP  7BADH AHA GCU: A&L
COM220Media, Culture, and Society3CSP  7BCFCOMCOM GCU: CAS
COM311Digital Media Culture3CSP  7BCGTCTC 110: CASUS15
CMS/TH 242Realism & Modernism in Italian Film3CSP  7BFNTHRTHR GCU: A&L
RL225Mystic, Saints, & Sinners3CSP  7BGDRELREL GCU: A&L
AH291Medieval Rome & Its Monuments3CSP  7AISH AHA GCU: A&L
AH260Early Christian & Byzantine Art4CSP  7AGMH AHA 410: A&L
IT201International Italian I3CSP  7CEAITLITL 201: A&LFS15
COM470Advanced Communication Theory3CSP  7CENCOMCOM 475: CASFS15
CMS380/280Intercultural Communications3CSP  7BPUCOMCOM 391: CASUS11
AH273Intro to the History of Photography3CSP  7CETH AH A GCU: A&LSS16
IT103Intensive Italian4CSP  7CEUITLITL GCU: FS13
MKT399ASpecial Topics in Marketing3CSP  7BPARETRET 371: CAS
BUS220Business Communications3CSP  7BWEADVADV 225: CAS
CMS340Documentary Film3CSP  7BMMTCTC 233: CASUS15
AH190Cities,Down&Villas:Rome,Ostia,Pompe3CSP  7APVH AHA GCU: A&L
HS201Long-Term History of Globalization3CSP  7AYKHSTHST 150: A&L
HS283The American Experience II3CSP  7BYWHSTHST GCU: A&L
JRN325Feature Writing3CSP  7AWBJRNJRN 432: CAS
AS101Introduction to Graphic Design3CSP  7BNXSTASTA GCU: A&L
MKT335Fashion Retailing3CSP  7BYVADVADV GCU: CAS
DR101Intro to Theatrical Performance3CSP  7BYXTHRTHR GCU: A&L
AS110Drawing (Rome Sketchbook)3CSP  7BMSSTASTA GCU: A&LSS10
HS377History of the World War I3CSP  7CCCHSTHST 452: FS14
HS210Nineteenth-Cent Europe & the World3CSP  7CCDHSTHST 335: A&LFS14
HS366Italy Mussolini Crisis of Fst Rep 3CSP  7CCJHSTHST 455: A&LSS15
HS211Twenieth-Cent Europe and the World3CSP  7CCFHSTHST 336: A&LSS15
IT320Survey of Italian Literature I3CSP  7CDBITLITL 350: A&LUS15
HS345Europe Since 19453CSP  7AGRHSTHST 452: A&L
AH296High Italian Renaissance Art3CSP  7ABJH AHA 220: A&L
IT301Italian Conversation & Comp.3CSP  7ANDITLITL 320: A&L
HS399AThe Golden Age of Islam3CSP  7AGTHSTHST 414: A&L
HS399GEnlightment and the World4CSP  7AGVHSTHST 380: A&L
MKT321Advertising Management3CSP  7ASXADVADV 330: CAS
CO221Writing for the Media3CSP  7AVXJRNJRN GCU: CAS
AS311Fresco Painting3CSP  7AYPSTASTA GCU: A&L
CO200Public Speaking3CSP  7AVVCOMCOM GCU: CAS
CO202Media & Messages3CSP  7ARFCOMCOM GCU: CAS
HS365Italy From Risorgimento to WWI3CSP  7CCBHSTHST 452: A&LFS14
COM311Digital Media Culture3CSP  7BCGTCTC 375: CASUS15
AH181iPol&Power Roman Arch:Augustus Musso3CSP  7ARDH AH A 290: A&L
AH196Intro to Italian Renaissance Art3CSP  7CEZH AH A GCU: A&LSS16
AS299iiPinhole Photography: On-Site Rome3CSP  7CCNSTASTA GCU: A&L
AS204iBeginning Painting3CSP  7BHKSTASTA 320: A&LSS10
AH143Wold Art III:Vis Clt E Mod Wld3CSP  7CHBH AH A GCU: A&LUS16
PH/RL224Living the Good Life:Rel& Phil Eth3CSP  7CMCPHLPHL GCU: A&LSS17
COM111Intro to Visual Communication3CSP  7CRDJRNJRN 445: CASSS18
BUS/CMS361Social Networks & Media Mgmt3CSP  7DRAADVADV 492: CASSS18
CMS330Global Media3CSP  7BYYTCTC 401: CASUS15
AH294Renaissance Rome & Its Monuments3CSP  7ARAH AHA GCU: A&L
MKT320Integrated Marketing Communications3CSP  7CCPADVADV 492: CASSS15
MKT355Social Marketing and Fundraising3CSP  7CCRADVADV 430: CASSS15
MKT355iRetailing Applied Fashion Indust3CSP  7CCSADVADV GCU: CASSS15
HS236Europe Befor Nat:1st Crusad to 14533CSP  7CCKHSTHST 326: A&LSS15
HS379European Intellectual History3CSP  7CCGHSTHST 333: A&LSS15
AS289Digital Photography3CSP  7APWSTASTA GCU: A&L
CW/DMA348Creat Writ Workshop:Screenwriting3CSP  7CJJENGENG GCU: A&LFS16
CW/DJRN346Creative Writing:Travel Writing3CSP  7BWRENGENG 223: A&LSS17
CW356Creat Writ: Writ theEternal City3CSP  7CJCENGENG GCU: A&LSS17
CL261Sexual, Erotic& Gender Myth Lit3CSP  7CKDH AHA GCU: A&LSS17
AS205Painting: Water-based Media3CSP  7CRMSTASTA GCU: A&LSS18
DJRN221Intro to New Reporting & Writing3CSP  7CRNJRNJRN 492: CASSS18
AH293Modern Rome and Its Monuments3CSP  7BWUH AH A GCU: A&L
EN299Special Topic En.Lit:City &Writer3CSP  7CKYENGENG GCU: A&LUS17
RL22liPopes of Rome:HST Catholic Church3CSP  7BWTRELREL 320: A&LFS12
PH101Intro to Phil Thinking3CSP  7CJWPHLPHL GCU: A&LSS17
CW205Intro to Creative Writing3CSP  7CPWENGENG 226: A&LFS17
AS220Streetphotography3CSP  7CRPSTASTA GCU: A&LUS18
PH304Philosophy of Art and Beauty3CSP  7DXKPHLPHL 247: A&LSS20
COM210Introduction to Cinema3CSP  7DXJFLMFLM GCU: A&LSS20
BUS320Public Relations3CSP  7DTPADVADV 260: CASSS19
AS204iPainting3CSP  7DTSSTASTA 320: A&LSS19