Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:Corvinus University of Budapest

Program: Corvinus University of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Sponsored by: College of Arts and Letters; College of Communication Arts and Sciences; James Madison College

Offered in: Fall, Spring

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
M CJames Madison College
A LArts & Letters, College CourseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ACMArts and Cultural ManagementSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
AFRAfrican LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ARBArabicSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ASNAsian LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
CHSChineseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
DHDigital HumanitiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ENGEnglishSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ATDApparel and Textile DesignSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
FLMFilm StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
FRNFrenchSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GDGraphic DesignSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GRKGreekSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GRMGermanSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
H AHistory of ArtSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
HEBHebrewSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
IAHIntegrative Studies Arts & HumSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ITLItalianSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
KORKoreanSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
JPNJapaneseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LINLinguisticsSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LLLinguistics and LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LLTLanguage, Learning & TeachingSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LTNLatinSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
PHLPhilosophySummer - 2019Fall - 2022
PRTPortugueseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
RELReligious StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ROMRomance LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
RUSRussianSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
SPNSpanishSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
STAStudio ArtSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
THRTheatreSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
WRAWriting, Rhet & Amer CulturesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
WSWomen's StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
XAExperience ArchitectureSummer - 2019Fall - 2022

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
IEC655Eur Stds: Integ & Transf Cen Europe4CSP  7AGZM CM C 324E: JMC
POL568Compative Govern & Politics3CSP  7AMYM CM C 325: JMC
POL568Compative Govern & Politics3CSP  7AMYM CM C 390: JMC
SOC550New East-European Underclass3CSP  7AMZM CM C 390: JMC
IEC684Intl Econ Orgs and Institutions4CSP  7AHAM CM C 390: JMC
IEC517Inro Hum Dev Trans Econ3CSP  7ANAM CM C 390: JMC
293NSOCV450BThe New East-European Underclass3CSP  7AMZM CM C 390: JMC
293NPOLV377BInternatl Relations 1945-Present3CSP  7BTKM CM C GCU: JMC
293NHISV352BFilm and History3CSP  7BTMM CM C GCU: JMC
293NPOLV386BEuropean Union Politics3CSP  7AGYM CM C 329: JMC
293NPOLV386BEuropean Union Politics3CSP  7AGYM CM C GCU: JMC
293NECOV415BTran&Post Tran Challenge in Hungary3CSP  7BRWM CM C GCU: JMC
IEC438Contemporary World Economy3CSP  7AGXM CM C 390: JMC
293NPOLV366BEuropean Political Systems3CSP  7CARM CM C GCU: JMC
293NECOV395BEconomics and the European Union3CSP  7CASM CM C GCU: JMC
293NSOCV475BGlobal politics, economy & culture3CSP  7BTJM CM C GCU: JMC
293NSOCV457BGlobal Social Change &Global Ineq3CSP  7DSVM CM C GCU: JMCFS18
293NSOCV467BComparative Urban Sociology3CSP  7AAEM CM C GCU: JMC
293NECOV536MMarket and Democracy3CSP  7BCEM CM C GCU: JMC
293NPOLV301BInternational Debate3CSP  7BRZM CM C GCU: JMC
293NECOV305BGlobalization (Economic Theory)3CSP  7CPUM CM C GCU: JMCFS17
293NARTV305BBudapest-Explorations Urban Space3CSP  7CRKM CM C GCU: JMCSS18
Communism in East-Central Europe3CSP  7CHYM CMC GCU: JMCFS16
7SO30NCKJ2BSocial and Demographic Problems3CSP  7DUGM CMC GCU: JMCSS19
293NARTV302BFields&Scenes:Reading Arts, Culture3CSP  7DWUIAHIAH 241C: A&LFS19FS22
293NHISV445BHistory of Modern Europe3CSP  7CJAM CM C GCU: JMCFS16
293NSOCV456BSocial Change in Era of Global3CSP  7CHZM CM C GCU: JMCFS16
KOZNXV40G24Lib Decocracy in Centrl & East Eur3CSP  7ECSM CMC GCU: JMCSS23
293NARTV302BFields&Scences:Reading Arts,Culture3CSP  7DWUM CMC GCU: SS23
293NOPRK212BDecision Techniques3CSP  7ECGM CMC GCU: JMCSS23
293NECOV411BThe Economics &Ethics Globalization3CSP  7CKMM CM C GCU: JMCSS17
ECO533Comparative Political Economy3CSP  7AAAM CMC GCU: JMC
ISCGBUS666International Trade Policy3CSP  7BRYM CM C GCU: JMC
293NLAWK462BIntroduction to Legal Studies3CSP  7CKNM CM C GCU: JMCSS17
293NARTV301BBudapest 20th Century:Hst/Cultural3CSP  7DWTIAHIAH 241C: A&LFS19FS22
293NLNGV105BHungarian for Beginners I3CSP  7AABLLLL GCU: A&LFS19FS22
293NARTV301BBudapest 20th Century:Hst/Cultural3CSP  7DWTM CMC GCU: SS23
VGLE035NABBSustainability Management3CSP  7EAXM CMC GCU: JMCSS22
KOZNXV4GP02Comparative Economic Policy3CSP  7ECTM CMC GCU: JMCSS23
7NK40NCK91BHST of INTL Relations from 19453CSP  7EEJM CMC GCU: JCMFS23
7NK40NBKB8BSecurity Studies3CSP  7EEKM CMC GCU: JCMFS23