Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:Massey University

Program: Massey University (Palmterson North, New Zealand)

Sponsored by: Social Science; Communication Arts and Sciences

Offered in:

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
SSCSocial Science
CASComm Arts & Sciences
CSDCommunicative Sciences and Dis
MIMedia and Information

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
271150Intro to Communication Disorders4CSP  7CFACSDCSD 203: CASSS17
271151Anatomy&Physio Speech&Hearing4CSP  7CFBCSDCSD 213: CASSS17
271154Speech & Language Development4CSP  7CFCCSDCSD 333: CASSS17
271253Child Language Disorders I4CSP  7CFDCSDCSC 491: CASSS17
271254Articulation Phonolog Dis Child4CSP  7CFECSDCSD 473: CASSS17
271255Assess Meth Speech Lang Disorders4CSP  7CFFCSDCSD 364: CASSS17
271256Field Work and Clinical Skills I4CSP  7CFGCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271257Child Language Disorders II4CSP  7CFJCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271258Neurogenic Comm Disorders I4CSP  7CFKCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271392Tech Communication Disorders4CSP  7CFMCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271393Neurogenic Comm Disorders II4CSP  7CFNCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271394Motor Speech Disorders4CSP  7CFPCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271395Fluency Disorders4CSP  7CFRCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271396Field Work & Clinical Skills II4CSP  7CFTCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271397Adult Dysphagia4CSP  7CFSCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271487Paediatric Dysphagia4CSP  7CFUCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
271488Aural Rehab, Assess & Intervention4CSP  7CFVCSDCSD 444: CASSS17
271489Voice Disorders, Assess & Treatment4CSP  7CFWCSDCSD 491: CASSS17
154202Advertising & Consumer Society4CSP  7CRRADVADV 492: CASSS18
219107Introduction to Cross-Cultural Comm4CSP  7DRYCOMCOM 399: CASFS18
219205Professional Presentations in Bus4CSP  7DRZCOMCOM GCU: CASFS18
DBLE130201Intro Civ Defen Emerg Emerg Mgt NZ4CSP  7CPSSSCSSC 490: CSSUS16
DBLE230291Special Topics HSS4CSP  7CPTSSCSSC 496: CSSUS16