Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:Univ. of Natural Resources & Applied Life Sci (BOKU)

Program: Univ. of Natural Resources & Applied Life Sci (BOKU) (Vienna, Austria)

Sponsored by: Agriculture and Natural Resources

Offered in: Fall, Spring

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
ANRAgriculture & Nat Resources
ANSAnimal Science
CSSCrop & Soil Sciences
FSCFood Science
PLPPlant Pathology

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
SE732317Methods & Tools Mtn Forestry App2CSX  7BAZANRANR 891: ANRSS09
VO932324Animal Hus Trop/Subtropical Regions2CSX  7BANANRANR 891: ANRSS09
VS933320Organic Farm Tropical/Sub-Tropical2CSX  7BARANRANR 891: ANRSS09
PR815306Applied Soil Physics3CSX  7BATCSSCSS 340: ANRSS09
911312Rhizosphere Proc App Ag & Soil Pro2CSX  7BAVCSSCSS 440: ANRSS09
VO911324Soil Mgt Trop/Subtrop Dev Regs2CSX  7BAWCSSCSS 490: ANRSS09
Lect w/ Excurs958317Org Fruit grow & viticul (in Eng)2CSX  7BNTHRTHRT GCU: ANRFS14
Lecture911330Soils and food security (in Eng.)1CSX  7BNSCSSCSS GCU: ANRFS14
Seminar754002 11SFun Food and EU Food Legislation2CSX  7BHWFSCFSC 891: ANRSS11
Seminar911327 Soils and Global Change2CSX  7BNRCSSCSS GCU: ANRFS14
VO731333Global & Rural Development 2CSX  7BAKANRANR 891: ANRSS09
VZ951315Aspect of Pro Qual Plant Production3CSX  7BAXFSCFSC 431: ANRSS09
VO752117Wine Technology (Enology)2CSX  7BASHRTHRT 490: ANRSS09
VO954305Molecular Biol Plant Pathogen Inter2CSX  7BAYPLPPLP 491: ANRSS09
VO751312Food Safety in Livestock Feeding2CSX  7BAMANRANR 891: ANRSS09
VS933319Organic Lnd Use Livelihood Sys1CSX  7BAPANRANR 891: ANRSS09
VX911071Soil Function & Assess in the Field2CSX  7BAUCSSCSS 490: ANRSS09
951324International Agriculture3CSX  7BTSCSSCSS 431: ANRSS15
933110Organ Farm tropical/subtrop regions2CSX  7BTPHRTHRT 251: ANRSS15
933112Systemic Thinking Organic Farming1CSX  7BTYHRTHRT 251: ANRSS15