Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:University of Cambridge International Summer School

Program: University of Cambridge International Summer School (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Sponsored by: College of Arts and Letters; James Madison College

Offered in: Summer

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
ENGEnglishSummer - 2016Fall - 2022
MCJames Madison CollegeSummer - 2008
A LArts & Letters, College CourseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ACMArts and Cultural ManagementSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
AFRAfrican LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ARBArabicSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ASNAsian LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
CHSChineseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
DHDigital HumanitiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ATDApparel and Textile DesignSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
FLMFilm StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
FRNFrenchSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GDGraphic DesignSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GRKGreekSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
GRMGermanSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
H AHistory of ArtSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
HEBHebrewSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
IAHIntegrative Studies Arts & HumSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ITLItalianSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
KORKoreanSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
JPNJapaneseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LINLinguisticsSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LLLinguistics and LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LLTLanguage, Learning & TeachingSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
LTNLatinSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
PHLPhilosophySummer - 2019Fall - 2022
PRTPortugueseSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
RELReligious StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
ROMRomance LanguagesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
RUSRussianSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
SPNSpanishSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
STAStudio ArtSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
THRTheatreSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
WRAWriting, Rhet & Amer CulturesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
WSWomen's StudiesSummer - 2019Fall - 2022
XAExperience ArchitectureSummer - 2019Fall - 2022

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
Russia in the 20th Century2CSP  7CEGMCMC GCU: JMCUS15
Living Film - a life in pictures?2CSP  7CAVENGENG 130: A&LFS22
Landscp, Image Poet British Isles4CSP  7BXNENGENG 329: A&LFS22
Love in Lit, Shake to Lawrence4CSP  7BXPENGENG GCU: A&LFS22
Embattled Inlnd:Britain-2nd WW4CSP  7BXRMCMC GCU: JMC
Intro philosophy I. Soc & Pol Phil2CSP  7CAXMCMC GCU: JMC
All you need is love, Shake to Beck2CSP  7CAZENGENG GCU: A&LFS22
Understand poetry I British Romanti2CSP  7CAWENGENG GCU: A&LFS22
Britain & the world since 19004CSP  7BCZMCMC GCU: JMC
All you need is love, Shake to Beck2CSP  7CAYENGENG GCU: A&LFS22
Shakespeare: Hamlet & Measure2CSP  7CGVMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
Great Ancient Medeval Philosp2CSP  7CGWMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
The Imperial French:Napoleon &After2CSP  7CGXMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
Great Modern Philosophers2CSP  7CGYMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
British Political Thought 1600-18002CSP  7CHFMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
Three great Tragedies: Shakespeare2CSP  7CHVENGENG GCU: A&LUS16FS22
Disreputable Read:19th Century2CSP  7CJTENGENG GCU: A&LUS16FS22
BritishPeople&Empire 1600-19002CSP  7CEJMCMC GCU: JMCUS15
BritishPeople&Empire 1900-972CSP  7CEKMCMC GCU: JMCUS15
Crisis World Politics 19452CSP  7BAYMCMC GCU: JMCUS14
A12The World of Napoleon2CSP  7DRKMCMC GCU: JMCUS18
A11Intl Politics in a Global Age I2CSP  7DRUMCMC GCU: JMCUS18
A21Intl Politics in a Global Age II2CSP  7DRVMCMC GCU: JMCUS18
Britain and the Great War2CSP  7CGZMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
Intl Develop: issues in today world2CSP  7CHAMCMC GCU: JMCUS16
C15Bob Dylan''''''''''''''''s Lyrics:A Literary Explo2CSP  7DRJENGENG GCU: A&LUS18FS22
B12The Cold War:Clash of the Superpowe2CSP  7DRMMCMC GCU: JMCUS18
A22Wellington to Churchill:The British2CSP  7DRNMCMC GCU: JMCUS18
Understanding poetry IV practical 2CSP  7CAUENGENG GCU: A&LFS22
A12Britain & its Empire 1763-19192CSP  7DVDMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
C14GreekRomanHeroes:AchOdysAeneas2CSP  7DVMMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
C25Hellenistic Poetry AlexGreat-Cleopt2CSP  7DVNENGENG GCU: A&LUS19FS22
A11A11:Managing the World:Intl Politic2CSP  7DVXMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
B11B11:Managing the World:Intl Politic2CSP  7DVYMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
Hist British Pol thought II 1800-p 2CSP  7CATMCMC GCU: JMC
A21A21 War, Peace & Destruction: intl2CSP  7DVFMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
Pm13British Politics:Themes & Challenge2CSP  7CNAMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
PM 39Making sense of Internat. Migration2CSP  7CNDMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
PM38Russia after Stalin:Krushchev Putin2CSP  7CSTMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
AM47Magna Carta: Hist & meaning2CSP  7CSUMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
AM26The return of hist:liberal world2CSP  7SCVMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
W110Am02The Making of Modern Middle East2CSP  7EDCMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
W110Pm06W210Pm06War peace & internvention2CSP  7EDDMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
W310Pm07"Build Back Better"EC growth &fair2CSP  7EDPMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
Understanding Poetry2CSP  7CEPENGENG GCU: A&LUS15FS22
Understanding Poetry2CSP  7CEPENGENG 329: A&LUS16FS22
Words,deeds,democracy:British1800-P2CSP  7CPBMCMC GCU: JMCUS17
A14British Culture and Traditions2CSP  7DVOMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
C13Literary Influences I:Identity,plac2CSP  7DVPMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
C22Intl Development:competing discours2CSP  7DVSMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
A25British Politics&PltclThgt1800-pres2CSP  7DVRMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
B22Sustainability:Creating a more sust2CSP  7DVVMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
Pm51Chl:impact Engle,Bear& Dragon2CSP  7CMVMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
W310Am05W410Am05India & Britain-the years of EmpireCSP  7EDGMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
B12Visions of the Future2CSP  7DVEMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
B21B21 War, Peace & Destruction: intl2CSP  7DVGMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
A13Metro & Imperial,Roman & Aztec2CSP  7DVJH AHA GCU: A&LUS19FS22
B14Russia:Lenin to Stalin 1917-19532CSP  7DVKMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
A15British Politics &PolThgt 1600-18002CSP  7DWBMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
B13Ancient & Medieval Philosophers2CSP  7DVZMCMC GCU: JMCUS19
PM 18Virginia Woolf in the 1930''''''''s2CSP  7CNBMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am07Europe:The age of Empires 1848-19142CSP  7CMRMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am22Europe:The fall of Empires 1914-972CSP  7CMSMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am33Cold War Flashpoints2CSP  7CMTMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Pm52Making of Mod Centl Asia 1865-19532CSP  7CMUMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Pm11Build Back Better:EC Res 21 st2CSP  7EBPMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
W310Pm01W410Pm01Transform socty:pol EC &soc Pol UK2CSP  7EDJMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
W110Pm03W210Pm03Europe's Age of Revol 1774-18492CSP  7EDMMCMC GCU: JMCUS23
AM 37Castle,Palace &House QueenElizab II2CSP  7CNCMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am05Wordsworth & Coleridge: Nat & Soc2CSP  7CMWPHLPHL GCU: A&LUS22FS22
Pm04Contemp Fiction & return of Modern2CSP  7CMXENGENG GCU: A&LUS22FS22
Pm29An intro to the Canterbury Tales2CSP  7CMYENGENG GCU: A&LUS22FS22
Pm45Two Gr Shakespearean Comedies2CSP  7CMZENGENG GCU: A&LUS22FS22
Pm26Intnatl Human Right:War,Confl & Res2CSP  7EBRMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am11Intro to International Business2CSP  7EBVMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
Am39Social Media''''s global Challenge2CSP  7EBWMCMC GCU: JMCUS22
W110am01W210Am01British Polit & Political 1600-Pres2CSP  7EDKMCMC GCU: JMCUS23