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Office of the Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Co-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

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Institution: University College Dublin
Program: University College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)
Sponsored by: Social Science; Agriculture and Natural Resources
Offered in: Fall, Spring
Grade and Credit Conversion
Approved Subject Areas:
Subject areas in which host institution courses will be directly loaded into the MSU record with converted credit hours and grades are listed below. Courses taken that are beyond the scope of the listed subjects will be evaluated for transfer credit without grades.
Subject CodeSubject Name
A EAgricultural Engineering
AECAgricultural Economics
ABMAgribusiness Management
AEEANR Edu & Com Sys
ANSAnimal Science
BEBiosystems Engineering
BCMBuilding Construction Mgmt
CSSCrop & Soil Sciences
EEPEnvironmntl Econ & Policy
FIMFood Industry Management
F WFisheries and Wildlife
FSCFood Science
L ALandscape Architecture
Previously taken Courses:
The following list includes all courses in approved subject areas previously recorded in MSU academic records with adjusted credits and grades. Information listed in "Replaced" represents one usage of this course and is not official.
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleHost School Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaReplaced
AERD 30030 Agri-Environmental Econ & Policy CSX  7BDZ ABM ABM GCU: ANR 
AERD 30050 Financial Planning and Control CSX  7BLT ABM ABM GCU: ANR 
AERD 40020 International Food Marketing CSX  7BEA ABM ABM 427: ANR 
AERD 40040 Food and Agribusiness Strategy CSX  7BBM EEP EEP GCU: ANR 
AERD 40080 Food and Agribusiness Marketing CSX  7AKS ABM ABM GCU: ANR 
AESC 30080 Agri-Environmental Issues & Policy CSX  7BBJ EEP EEP GCU: ANR 
AESC 40140 Agri-Environmental Nutrient Mgt CSX  7BPZ CSS CSS 480: ANR 
ANSC 30130 Prin Animal Hlth, Behav & Welfare CSX  7BHG EC ANS 305: ANR 
ANSC 30250 Equine Genetics CSX  7BPU ANS ANS GCU: ANR 
ANSC 30350 Equine Nutrition CSX  7BPV ANS ANS 413: ANR 
BSEN 30010 Bioprocess Engineering Principles CSX  7AKB BE BE 429: ANR 
BSEN 30310 Biofuels & Renewable Energies CSX  7BBK EEP EEP GCU: ANR 
CPSC 20020 Fund of Arable Crop Production CSX  7BUE CSS CSS GCU: ANR 
CPSC 30030 Root & Alternative Crop Production CSX  7BRA CSS CSS 490: ANR 
FDSC 20110 Food Diet & Health II-Making Health CSX  7BLU FSC FSC GCU: ANR 
FDSC 30020 Food Analysis I CSX  7BDK FSC FSC 455: ANR 
FDSC 30030 Food Analysis II CSX  7BJY FSC FSC GCU: ANR 
FDSC 30030 Food Analysis II CSP  7CAF FSC FSC GCU: ANR 
FDSC 30040 Food Chemistry I CSX  7BDM FSC FSC 401: ANR 
FDSC 30050 Food Chemistry II CSX  7BJZ FSC FSC 402: ANR 
FOR 30110 Forest Policy and Law CSX  7BCM FOR FOR 466: ANR 
HORT 10020 Plants and People CSX  7BMS HRT HRT 100: ANR 
INDM 30010 Food Microbiology CSX  7AJZ FSC FSC 441: ANR 
INDM 30010 Food Microbiology CSX  7AJZ FSC FSC 440: ANR 
PHPS 40610 Food Safety CSX  7BKA FSC FSC 342: ANR