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Office of the Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Co-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

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Institution: Wageningen Agricultural University
Program: Wageningen Agricultural University (Wageningen, Netherlands)
Sponsored by: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Offered in: Fall, Spring
Grade and Credit Conversion
Approved Subject Areas:
Subject areas in which host institution courses will be directly loaded into the MSU record with converted credit hours and grades are listed below. Courses taken that are beyond the scope of the listed subjects will be evaluated for transfer credit without grades.
Subject CodeSubject Name
A EAgricultural Engineering
AECAgricultural Economics
ABMAgribusiness Management
AEEANR Edu & Com Sys
ANSAnimal Science
BEBiosystems Engineering
CSSCrop & Soil Sciences
EEPEnvironmntl Econ & Policy
FIMFood Industry Management
F PForest Products
FSCFood Science
L ALandscape Architecture
PRRPark, Rec & Tourism Res
R DResource Development
Previously taken Courses:
The following list includes all courses in approved subject areas previously recorded in MSU academic records with adjusted credits and grades. Information listed in "Replaced" represents one usage of this course and is not official.
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleHost School Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaReplaced
ANU 20306 Principles of Animal Nutrition CSX  7BMF ANS ANS 313: ANR 
BHE 31306 Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare CSX  7BMG ANS ANS 305: ANR 
CPT 20803 Food Ethics CSX  7BSM CSS CSS 124: ANR 
RHI 50806 Environmental History 4  CSX  7AVJ PRR PRR 302: ANR 
SAL 31806 Leisure, Tour & Envir Sust Dvl 4  CSX  7BDS PRR PRR 474: ANR 
SCH 20306 Gender and Consumer Culture CSX  7BSK EEP EEP 255: ANR