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Social Relations and Policy Major

Social Relations and Policy Major
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Bachelor of Arts
James Madison College
James Madison College Dean

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

James Madison College

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in James Madison College

Social Relations and Policy Major

1. The student must complete (38 to 41 credits):
a. All of the following courses (17 credits):
MC 280 Social Theory and Social Relations 4
MC 281 Immigrants, Minorities, and American Pluralism 4
MC 380 Social Policy 4
MC 498 Senior Seminar in Social Relations (W) 5
b. One of the following courses (3 or 4 credits):
ANP 429 Ethnographic Field Methods 4
CJ 292 Methods of Criminal Justice Research 3
COM 300 Methods of Communication Inquiry 4
EC 420 Introduction to Econometric Methods 3
GEO 221 Introduction to Geographic Information 3
MC 295 Research Design and Quantitative Analysis in Public Policy 4
PLS 201 Introduction to Methods of Political Analysis 4
PSY 295 Data Analysis in Psychological Research 3
SOC 281 Social Research Methods 4
STT 200 Statistical Methods 3
STT 201 Statistical Methods 4
STT 315 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Business 3
STT 421 Statistics I 3
Statistics and Probability 200 and 201 may not be used to fulfill both the university mathematics requirement and this requirement.
c. Three courses selected from the following in consultation with an academic advisor (12 credits):
MC 319 Asian American History 4
MC 320 Politics, Society and Economy in the Third World 4
MC 325 State and Society in Comparative Perspective 4
MC 334 Rights, Advocacy, and Activism 4
MC 335 Israeli Politics, Cultures and Society 4
MC 337 Global Public Health 4
MC 338 Environmental Justice and Global Change 4
MC 348 Educational Policy 4
MC 350 Evolution and Society 4
MC 351 Science and Social Policy 4
MC 364 Policy Evaluation 4
MC 367 Global Cities and Urbanism 4
MC 368 The Civil Rights Movement and its Legacies 4
MC 369 Global Issues in Citizenship (W) 4
MC 372 Comparative Black Political Thought 4
MC 375 Contemporary Developments in American Politics 4
MC 377 Culture, Politics, and Post-Colonialism 4
MC 378 Law and Social Groups 4
MC 381 American Politics and Equality 4
MC 382 Social Movements 4
MC 383 African American Politics 4
MC 384 Metropolitan Society 4
MC 385 Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations 4
MC 386 Women and Power in Comparative Perspective 4
MC 387 Jews and Anti-Semitism 4
MC 388 Sexual Politics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 4
MC 390 Advanced Topics in Public Affairs 4
MC 391 Selected Topics in Public Affairs 3 or 4
MC 395 Cultural Dimensions of Public Affairs 4
MC 445 Biodiversity Conservation Policy and Practice 3
MC 482 Gender and Violent Conflict 4
James Madison College 390, 391 and 395 may be counted toward requirement  1. b. when the topic deals with Social Relations and Policy.
d. Two courses at the 300–400 level in a related discipline (e.g., anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, or sociology) or in an approved related area (e.g., ethnicity and race, gender and women's studies, urban and metropolitan society, or U.S. politics) (6 to 8 credits).