Graduate Degree

Engineering Mechanics - Master of Science

Engineering Mechanics - Master of Science
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Master of Science
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Study
Engineering Mechanics - Master of Science

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Engineering, students must meet the requirements specified below.


The department welcomes applications from students who possess a bachelor's degree in a related engineering or science discipline.
Students who are admitted to the master's program with a degree in a discipline other than engineering mechanics and who have not completed Mechanical Engineering 221, 222, 361, and 423 or equivalent courses may be admitted with provisional status. Such students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in the material in the courses referenced above, either by completing each of those courses with a grade of at least 3.0 or by passing an examination on the material in those courses sanctioned by the department Graduate Studies Committee.  Of the courses referenced above, only Mechanical Engineering 423 may be counted toward the requirements for the master's degree.

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Engineering  Mechanics

The student must complete a total of 30 credits for the degree under either Plan A (with thesis) or Plan B (without thesis) and must meet the requirements specified below:

Requirements for Both Plan A and Plan B:

  1. The following core courses in engineering mechanics:  Mechanical Engineering 825 or 861, 820, and 821.
  2. At least one of the following core courses in mechanical engineering: Materials Science and Engineering 851, 855, 862, or 865.
  3. At least one credit of Materials Science and Engineering 885.
  4. At least one course in mathematics or statistics at the 400–level or above approved by the student's academic advisor.