Undergraduate Minor - Minor in Digital Humanities

Minor in Digital Humanities
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5767 Digital Humanities
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Minor Undergraduate
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College of Arts and Letters

Interdepartmental and Interdisciplinary Programs

Minor in Digital Humanities

The Minor in Digital Humanities is administered by the College of Arts and Letters and is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University.

The minor provides students an opportunity to engage with technology in classrooms and in professional environments while focusing on how technology has and is changing humanist thought and work. Students will engage with digital humanities through participation in course work, experiential opportunities such as internships and volunteer positions, and other co-curricular activities.

The minor complements the experiences of undergraduate students and enable them to draw on intellectual, practical, and technical skills to engage in critical analysis and production of rich, multimedia and digital work. Students interrogate, analyze, critique, and also create, produce, and share digital media products.  The required capstone engages students in professional practice in technology work and explore related technological and workplace issues such as deadlines, task negotiation, project management, and collaboration.

Students interested in completing the requirements for the Minor in Digital Humanities must consult with the minor advisor, and may also wish to contact their academic advisor in their primary major.

Requirements for the Minor in Digital Humanities

The student must complete a minimum of 15 credits from the following:
1. The following core courses (6 credits):
DH 285 Introduction to Digital Humanities 3
DH 340 Digital Humanities Seminar 3
2. Complete a minimum of 6 credits in digital humanities courses approved in advance by the Digital Humanities undergraduate advisor.
3. A capstone course or experiential activity (3 credits):
DH 491 Special Topics in Digital Humanities 3
DH 493 Digital Humanities Internship 3
Another internship or portfolio seminar with a significant digital component or documented configuration of experiential activities such as volunteering, participating in workshops, or attending seminars may be used to fulfill this requirement if approved in advance by the Digital Humanities undergraduate advisor.