Discontinued Program - Technology Systems Management

Technology Systems Management
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5205 Technology Systems Management
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Bachelor of Science
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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Undergraduate Programs
Technology Systems Management

Bachelor of Science

The Technology Systems Management program is designed to meet the needs of students who aspire to apply new technology to solve problems in food, agricultural and biological systems. Prospective students should have an affinity for physical systems, computers, and technology, and they should be practical problem-solvers.

Students in the program acquire a strong technical background tempered by an overview of business and economics. They possess highly portable skills in technology transfer and technical problem-solving which are applicable to many related career paths.

Graduates find employment as agricultural and environmental research technicians, managers of processing and production facilities, technical sales representatives, and service and marketing managers for equipment manufacturers.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Systems Management

  1. The University requirements for bachelor’s degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog; 120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Systems Management.

    The University’s Tier II writing requirement for the Technology Systems Management major is met by completing Technology Systems Management 481. That course is referenced in item 3. a. below.

    Students who are enrolled in the Technology Systems Management major leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering may complete an alternative track to Integrative Studies in Biological and Physical Sciences that consists of Chemistry 161, Physics 231 and 251, and one of the following courses: Biological Science 110 or 111; Entomology 205; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 205; Physiology 250; or Plant Biology 105. The completion of Physics 251 or Biological Science 110 satisfies the laboratory requirement.

    The completion of Mathematics 124 satisfies both the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources mathematics requirement and the University mathematics requirement.
  2. The requirements of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the Bachelor of Science degree. Certain courses referenced in requirement 3. below may be counted toward College requirements as appropriate.
  3. The following requirements for the major:
    a. All of the following courses (56 credits):
    ABM 100 Decision-making in the Agri-Food System 3
    ABM 332 Agribusiness Operations Management 3
    CEM 141 General Chemistry 4
    CEM 161 Chemistry Laboratory I 1
    CSE 101 Computing Concepts and Competencies 3
    GEO 221 Introduction to Geographic Information 3
    MTH 124 Survey of Calculus I 3
    PHY 231 Introductory Physics I 3
    PHY 251 Introductory Physics Laboratory I 1
    TSM 121 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
    TSM 122 Alternating and Direct Current Machines 3
    TSM 223 Fundamentals of Automation and Controls 4
    TSM 224 Digital Systems, Sensors and Measurement 3
    TSM 341 Power and Machinery Systems 3
    TSM 342 Power and Control Hydraulics 3
    TSM 343 Implementation of Precision Agriculture 3
    TSM 351 Information Technology in Agricultural Systems 3
    TSM 481 Technology Systems Management –  Capstone I (W) 3
    TSM 482 Technology Systems Management –  Capstone II 3
    Students who pass a waiver examination will not be required to complete Computer Science and Engineering 101.
    b. One of the following courses (3 or 4 credits):
    BS 110 Organisms and Populations 4
    BS 111 Cells and Molecules 3
    ENT 205 Pests, Society and Environment 3
    MMG 205 Allied Health Microbiology 3
    PLB 105 Plant Biology 3
    PSL 250 Introductory Physiology 4
    c. One of the following courses (3 credits):
    COM 100 Human Communication 3
    COM 225 An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3
    d. One of the following courses (3 or 4 credits):
    STT 200 Statistical Methods 3
    STT 201 Statistical Methods 4
    e. One of the following courses (3 credits):
    EC 201 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
    EC 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
    f. One of the following courses (3 credits):
    FI 320 Introduction to Finance 3
    GBL 323 Introduction to Business Law 3
    MGT 325 Management Skills and Processes 3
    MSC 327 Introduction to Marketing 3
    g. Cognate. The student must complete a minimum of 15 credits in an approved group of courses that includes courses in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. These courses must be chosen to form a career objective and be pre-approved by the student’s academic advisor (15 credits).

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