Discontinued Program - Beef Cattle Management

Beef Cattle Management
Program Code:
0522 Beef Cattle Management
Program Level:
Agricultural Technology
Award Type:
Technology Certificate
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End Term:
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Institute of Agricultural Technology
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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Institute of Agricultural Technology

Beef Cattle Management

This program allows specialization in the area of beef cattle management in a one-year intensified program.  It provides knowledge and experience in the management of both cow/calf and feedlot enterprises.  There is a demand for industrious young people with practical experience to fill positions of responsibility as herd managers, assistant herd managers, and other livestock-related jobs.

Agriculture, in this rapidly changing era, requires aggressive young people who have specialized training in modern scientific practices.  While the demands for success are great, the opportunities for success are limited only by a person’s desires or imagination.

Requirements for Beef Cattle Management
The student must complete 35 credits from the following:
1. All of the following courses:
ANS 110 Introductory Animal Agriculture 4
ANS 122A Feedlot Clerkship 2
ANS 122B Beef Cow Calf Clerkship 2
ANS 203 Principles of Livestock Feeding 2
ANS 205 Reproduction in Livestock 2
ANS 222 Introductory Beef Cattle Management 3
AT 45 Agricultural Communications 2
AT 71 Technical Mathematics 2
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 6
2. Both of the following courses:
ABM 100 Decision-making in the Agri-Food System 3
ABM 130 Farm Management I 3
3. Complete 7 credits of elective course work 7