Academic Programs Catalog

James Madison College

Teacher Certification Options

The following disciplinary majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in James Madison College are available for teacher certification:  comparative cultures and politics, international relations, political theory and constitutional democracy, and social relations and policy.  Students who complete the requirements for one of these disciplinary majors and the requirements for teacher certification are recommended for a teaching certificate in social studies. Persons with teacher certification in social studies are qualified to teach history, political science, geography, and economics.

The James Madison College Social Studies certification, based on one of the four approved James Madison College majors, is available for secondary certification. This is a comprehensive teaching major, requiring 50 or more credits and does not require completion of a teaching minor for secondary certification. Optional teaching minors can be completed in addition to the comprehensive Social Studies major and can include credits already applied to the Social Studies teaching major. James Madison College students pursuing a teaching major in Social Studies, who are interested in earning elementary certification, must complete an additional major or dual degree in Education in order to fulfill the elementary program requirements.

Students with a disciplinary major in Comparative Cultures and Politics; International Relations; Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy; and Social Relations and Policy must complete the following additional disciplinary courses:

1. Geography
GEO 204 World Regional Geography 3
GEO 221 Introduction to Geographic Information 3
GEO 330 Geography of the United States and Canada 3
2. History
HST 140 World History to 1500 4
HST 150 World History since 1500 4
HST 201 Historical Methods and Skills 3
HST 202 U.S. History to 1876 4
HST 203 U.S. History since 1876 4
HST 320 History of Michigan 3
Social Relations and Policy majors are not required to complete History 201.

Students who elect one of the disciplinary majors referenced above must contact the James Madison College Director of Academic and Student Affairs.

For additional information, refer to the statements on the disciplinary majors referenced above and to the statement on TEACHER CERTIFICATION in the Department of Teacher Education section of this catalog.