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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Department of Horticulture

Undergraduate Program
Minor in Horticulture

The Minor in Horticulture, which is administered by the Department of Horticulture, is designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain a fundamental understanding of the science of horticulture and tailor their studies to food production, greenhouse and nursery crops, landscape design and management, or plant breeding and genetics.

The minor is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University other than the Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture.  With the approval of the department and college that administers the student’s degree program, the courses that are used to satisfy the minor may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Students who plan to complete the requirements for the minor should consult an undergraduate advisor in Horticulture.

Requirements for the Minor in Horticulture

Complete 17 credits from the following:

1. Both of the following courses (5 credits):
HRT 203 Principles of Horticulture 3
HRT 204 Plant Propagation 2
2. Complete 12 credits from the following:
HRT 205 Plant Mineral Nutrition 1
HRT 206 Training and Pruning Plants 1
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 212 Landscape Plants II 3
HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance 2
HRT 213L Landscape Maintenance Field Laboratory 1
HRT 218 Irrigation Systems for Horticulture 3
HRT 219 Landscape Computer Aided Design 2
HRT 220 Annual and Aquatic Landscape Plants 3
HRT 221 Greenhouse Structures and Management 3
HRT 242 Passive Solar Greenhouses for Protected Cultivation 1
HRT 243 Organic Transplant Production 1
HRT 251 Organic Farming Principles and Practices 3
HRT 253 Compost Production and Use 1
HRT 310 Nursery Management 3
HRT 311 Landscape Design and Management Specifications 4
HRT 323 Floriculture Production: Herbaceous Perennials and Annuals 3
HRT 332 Tree Fruit Production and Management 2
HRT 336 Viticulture and Berry Production 2
HRT 341 Vegetable Production and Management 3
HRT 361 Applied Plant Physiology 3
HRT 362 Applied Crop Improvement 1
HRT 403 Handling and Storage of Horticultural Crops 3
HRT 407 Horticulture Marketing 3
HRT 411 Landscape Contract Management 3
HRT 415 Natural Landscape, Native Plants, and Landscape Restoration 3
HRT 460 Green Roofs and Walls 2
HRT 475 International Studies in Horticulture 3