Academic Programs Catalog

College of Human Medicine

The Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

Thomas Tomlinson, Director

The Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences is administered by the College of Human Medicine. The unit brings together a multidisciplinary team of scholars to address conceptual, theoretical, and practical aspects of the field of bioethics. The center also shares interests and holds various teaching commitments in the colleges of Arts and Letters, Natural Science, and Social Science.

Since 1977, the center has engaged in bioethics teaching, research and outreach viewed from the perspectives of the traditional liberal arts and social sciences. In addition to its on-campus activities, the center offers clinical and continuing education in bioethics at various teaching hospitals around Michigan. The center fosters study of the humanities and social sciences as they relate to bioethics practice and policy in the health professions. Through its research activities, the center engages the wider community to explore and understand compelling current bioethics issues. Faculty expertise includes neuroethics, health care resource allocation and justice, biospecimen use and trust, patient care and shared decision-making, spirituality in medicine, and the social determinants of health.