Academic Programs Catalog

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Department of Osteopathic Medical Specialties

Mary Jo Hughes, Chairperson

The Department of Osteopathic Medical Specialties is organized to represent general internal medicine and its major subspecialties in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. In addition, emergency medicine is housed as a section in the department. The basic responsibility of this department is to lead the education of students via a systems biology approach in the maintenance of health and in the recognition and treatment of disease, participate in the curriculum across the continuum of years 1-4 by participation and leadership in course offerings, maintenance of clinical practice venues in which to educate medical students, and participation and leadership in the education of adult learners through the continuum of graduate medical education and beyond.  Department members also participate in the administration of the college and university where appropriate.  The department is committed to clinical and basic science research on a local, national and international level; the development of continuing medical educational programs for the profession and the public; and to the broad mission of improved and efficient medical care.