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Student Life

The Student Life staff coordinates the programs described below, provides general assistance to students, and refers students to other offices or agencies as appropriate.  Except as noted, Student Life programs are located in the Student Life Center, 101 Student Services, (517) 355-8286 (TTY 355-2217). See also

CAMPUS LIFE ORIENTATION. The staff coordinates and promotes academic, cultural, recreational, and personal programs that help ease the transition to the University during the Fall and Winter Welcome periods.  Programs extend throughout a student’s first year on campus.

FRATERNITY AND SORORITY LIFE. The staff serves as liaisons between the University and the collegiate chapters, parents, alumni/ae, and (inter)national organizations to provide educational programs, services and resources to support the ideals of Greek Life.  Staff assist the four major governing boards that are individually responsible for managing and providing services to their member organizations.

STUDENT CONDUCT AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION. The staff’s mission is to teach students to be responsible citizens through the adjudication of non-academic disciplinary cases (see Articles 4 and 5 of Spartan Life online at, and by offering a variety of conflict resolution programs and services, informed by restorative justice.  

OFF-CAMPUS LISTING SERVICE. An off-campus housing listing service endorsed by MSU, is available to assist students with locating apartments, houses, and roommates based on personal preference and budget. The search begins at

STUDENT GOVERNMENT and STUDENT ORGANIZATION ADVISING. Staff members assist student government leaders by advising, consulting, and serving as a resource on University policies and procedures.  Staff also register over 800 student organizations, as well as the programs and events sponsored by these groups, and provide consultation to enhance student group development.  Leadership training and development programs help those in student government and other organizations increase their effectiveness as leaders.