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Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions

The Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions (OCAT) constructs supportive social and educational communities that actively involve students in learning.  Specifically, OCAT prompts students’ involvement in broad-based university learning experiences (e.g., study-abroad, alternative spring break, internships, etc.), while also connecting them to campus resources, people, and programs that lead to deeper student learning and personal success.  In part, the Office accomplishes this mission by building critical alliances and links to academic units.  Additionally, OCAT helps students to understand themselves and others better through cultural and social activities.  Student-to-student interaction is the key to benefitting from diversity, and OCAT strives to bring together individuals as well as groups of students from diverse racial, ethnic, international, and domestic backgrounds for meaningful interactions. Moreover, OCAT supports individual students in their navigation of cross-cultural encounters, and in their own understanding, exploration and development of cultural identity.  OCAT employs multiple strategies to accomplish these goals. Among OCAT’s signature programs are Intercultural Aide Programs, Maximizing Academic Growth in College program (MAGIC), Council on Racial Ethnic Students (CORES), and Spartan Remix.  Visit