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Student-Athlete Support Services

Todd Edwards, Director

Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) helps student-athletes reach their full potential. Its mission is to provide each student-athlete with guidance, resources and support that will enhance their development both academically and personally.  This is accomplished within a proactive, success-driven environment which delivers quality academic services and diverse programming.

The SASS philosophy is to offer an academic support program, integrated with the university, that will assist all student-athletes with their transition into college. This all-encompassing support continues throughout each student-athlete’s collegiate career until the day he or she receives a diploma, obtains employment, or enters graduate school.

The SASS academic coordinators have expert knowledge in NCAA and Big Ten regulations and the Learning Specialist and subject tutors are trained to work proactively with student-athletes from 25 varsity sports throughout their college careers.

SASS is housed in a nationally recognized facility, the Clara Bell Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center, where a wide range of services and facilities are available, including academic counseling, computer labs with instruction, tutoring in all subject areas, career planning, community-service opportunities, personal-development workshops, and informing student-athletes about athletic eligibility, course registration, and current NCAA, Big Ten and university rules and regulations. Visit or call 1-517-355-2204.