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Information Technology Services

Robert McCurdy, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Global technology trends increasingly shape and raise expectations of students, prospective students, faculty, researchers, staff, alumni, and visitors to Michigan State University. To meet these digital expectations, Information Technology Services (MSU IT) works with academic, auxiliary, and administrative leaders to provide the primary leadership for strategic, financial, and policy initiatives affecting technology across MSU.

MSU IT enables MSU's mission of providing education, conducting research, and advancing engagement. This work includes online learning systems, instructional technology, collaborative tools, user support, network infrastructure, data storage and integration, cybersecurity, and administrative applications.

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Students, facility, researchers, staff, alumni, and visitors increasingly experience Michigan State University through a digital lens. Our community expects contemporary, mobile, and digital solutions for research, teaching and learning, advancement activities, and enterprise systems.

MSU IT is committed to providing academic and administrative technologies to support the work of MSU and its community. Our services are designed to:

  • Stabilize, manage, and improve core technology services like network infrastructure and data storage to support the university’s growth.
  • Encourage active learning and scholarship by students and facility through instruction, study, research, and engagement.
  • Advance MSU’s culture of high performance among students, facility, researchers, and staff.
  • Provide a security framework with standards and initiatives to help protect institutional data, technology, systems, and resources.
  • Integrate data and information so it is readily accessible and useful for learning, research, analytics, and administrative work.
MSU IT oversees the university’s wired and wireless network, data centers, identity and access management, mass storage, and MSU NetID and Spartan Card activities.

MSU IT’s technology solutions support instructors and students through access to instructional design and pedagogy course workshops, campus computer labs and technology classrooms, and other collaborative technology tools.

MSU IT oversees network and system security through university initiatives like two-factor authentication, vulnerability management, incident response, and establishes IT standards, guidelines, and policies.

MSU IT Service Desk provides technology support for the MSU community 24/7/365 on the phone, online, and in person. The MSU Tech Store provides educational discounts as well as in-person technology help.

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