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College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Department of Media and Information

Undergraduate Program
Minor in Documentary Production

The Minor in Documentary Production introduces undergraduates to the history, theory, and production of documentary media. Documentary production focuses on issues of media, representation, and reality. It engages directly with the fundamental understanding of how the world is presented, represented, distorted, structured, and shaped. Interpretation and representation of reality constitutes a central axis of inquiry and debate. By integrating production and analysis, students in this minor produce theoretically informed work and develop a cutting-edge understanding of the challenges inherent in representing reality.

The Mionr in Documentary Production is jointly administered by the Department of Media and Information within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the College of Arts and Letters. The Department of Media and Information is the primary administrative unit. The minor is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. Students in the Department of English; the School of Journalism; the Department of Media and Information; and the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures may find this minor of particular interest.

Students who are interested in the minor are eligible to apply if they are in good academic standing. Students will apply for the minor in the spring of their sophomore year by submitting an application available in the advising offices of the Department of Media and Information and the College of Arts and Letters. Applications will be reviewed prior to annual enrollment.

With the approval of the department that administers the student’s degree program, courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the minor may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor’s degree. The student’s program of study must be approved by the student’s academic advisor for the minor.

Requirements for the Minor in Documentary Production

The student must complete at least 15 credits from the following:

1. Both of the following courses (6 credits):
MI 211 Documentary History and Theory 3
MI 311 Introduction to Documentary Production 3
2. Complete at least 6 credits from one of the following areas:
MI 337 Compositing and Special Effects 3
MI 341 Filmmaking II 3
MI 344 Sound Design for Cinema, Television, and Games 3
MI 440 Advanced Video Editing 3
MI 441 Advanced Lighting and Camera Techniques 3
Broadcast News
JRN 306 Introduction to Radio and TV News 3
JRN 403 TV News
Advanced TV News
JRN 406 3
Film Studies
FLM 260 Introduction to Digital Film and Emergent Media 4
FLM 334 Introduction to Screenwriting (W) 3
FLM 336 Aesthetics of Film Editing 3
FLM 460 Seminar in Digital Film and Emergent Media (W) 3
JRN 203 Storytelling 3
WRA 225 Introduction to Multimedia Writing 3
WRA 425 Advanced Multimedia Writing 3
One of the following, either (1) or (2):
(1) JRN 310 Photojournalism 3
JRN 410 Photojournalism and Documentary Photography 3
(2) JRN 483 Photo Communication in Europe 6
JRN 450 Creating and Marketing Media for Journalism 3
MI 301 Bringing Media to Market 3
MI 351 Producing for Cinema and Television 3
Web 3
JRN 336 Designing for Print and Digital Media 3
JRN 400 Spartan Digital Newsroom 3
JRN 436 Designing for the Web and Mobile Devices 3
MI 349 Web Design and Development
Writing 3
ENG 223 Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction Writing 3
ENG 423 Advanced Creative Non-Fiction Writing 3
JRN 300 Writing and Reporting News II (W) 3
JRN 432 Magazine and Feature Writing 3
3. The following capstone course (3 credits):
MI 411 Collaborative Documentary Design and Production (W) 3