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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Undergraduate Programs

Opportunities for Individual Emphasis

In furthering the students’ education, the flexible nature of the program in each major makes it possible for students to pursue areas of special interest through regular course work, special seminars, research and travel. By anticipating new and growing areas of need for trained personnel, the college makes it possible for students to prepare themselves adequately in these areas. Following are a few of the opportunities for special emphasis available to students in any major within the college.

International Study. The college offers opportunities for short-term and semester-length study abroad programs around the world. Undergraduates are encouraged to make a study abroad experience part of their curriculum. In addition, students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and others interested in agricultural development abroad, may select courses from numerous subject areas. Offerings in agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, animal science, crop and soil sciences, extension personnel development, forestry, horticulture and resource development have special relevance to international agriculture and rural development. Emphasis is placed on environmentally sound crop and animal production, application of new technical knowledge, planning and administration, and efficient use of human and natural resources for developing countries.

Science Emphasis. Many students realize early in their college years that they wish to prepare for careers in research or university teaching. Academic advisors assist them in selecting science courses (biological, physical and social) and mathematics courses that will offer the best possible preparation for graduate study.

Undergraduate Research. The college Undergraduate Research Program allows students to become more actively engaged in their education through intellectual inquiry and practical learning. Students work closely with a faculty mentor to conduct original research in the chosen area of interest.