Academic Programs Catalog

The Honors College

Other Membership Benefits

A number of special opportunities are provided to support the mission of the Honors College, namely, the pursuit of academic excellence.

  1. Academic Advising: In addition to departmental Honors College advisors, members are served by full–time academic advisors in  Eustace-Cole Hall, who are available by appointment to help with program planning. Honors College advisors approve general education course proposals and keep record of general education substitutions and honors experiences. They can assist with choice of major, and with exploration of possibilities outside members' field of study, such as selection of additional majors, minors or second degrees.
  2. Enrollment Priority: In order to implement the academic programs planned by Honors College students and approved by their advisors, the class enrollment system grants rising second year and higher Honors College members enrollment priority in Honors and regular courses. Enrollment priority is especially helpful in gaining admission to upper-level courses and scheduling when only single sections are offered.
  3. Scholarships: In addition to scholarships awarded by the university to incoming students, Honors College members are eligible to apply for a variety of scholarships administered by the college for continuing students.
  4. Co-curricular Opportunities: Honors College students can take advantage of a wide array of student activities and organizations to build connection to the College and important leadership and professional skills. The College also sponsors numerous programs that foster students’ strong relationships with faculty, administrators, and community partners.
  5. Graduation Recognition: Graduating members of the Honors College are given special recognition in the commencement program. In addition, an Honors College designation is recorded on their transcript and diploma. The requirements to graduate as a member of the Honors College can be found on the Honors College Web site at
  6. Graduate/Professional School Planning: The Honors College can assist its members in preparing for graduate school applications and fellowship support. The Honors College also serves as the campus liaison office for many major national and international fellowship competitions (e.g., Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, Goldwater, Hollings, Truman, and Udall). 
  7. Eustace-Cole Hall: The Honors College is housed in a historic building conveniently located at the confluence of East and West Circle Drives. In addition to staff offices, this facility provides lounge and study space for members, and rooms for Honors seminars.
  8. Honors Housing: Designated space is available on special Honors floors within the campus residence hall system. Honors housing provides a study–oriented living situation conducive to lively social and intellectual exchange.