Academic Programs Catalog

The Honors College

Basic Features of the Program

In fulfilling the expectation for an enriched program of study, a student may use a combination of the various types of Honors opportunities available. Honors College members use appropriate disciplinary substitution courses to satisfy the university's general education requirements, freeing them to select from among the university's vast advanced course offerings. Members may major in any area and participate in Honors experiences as a way to enhance all components of their college educations. Among the many resources available to Honors College members are those described below:

Honors Courses and Sections: These classes aim at a more rigorous examination of the subject matter, are limited and selective in enrollment.

Honors Options: In many courses, students may earn Honors credit by completing Honors–caliber study with special guidance from the instructor. For current information on which courses are eligible for Honors Option credit, please see

Honors Research and Independent Study: Honors College members may earn Honors credit for research, thesis, or independent study projects. Students engage in research through the Professorial Assistant Program, Honors Research Seminars, independent study, or research appointments with faculty. The Honors College Research Fund provides small grants on a competitive basis to support faculty–sponsored undergraduate research projects.

Graduate Courses: Honors College students have the opportunity to enroll in graduate courses with the approval of their advisors and their course instructors. Many do so during the senior year, and some during the junior year or even earlier, often in substitution for advanced undergraduate courses in their fields. Credit earned in graduate courses is applied toward the student's undergraduate degree unless they obtained prior approval to be dually enrolled and was admitted to a graduate program before enrolling in the courses. For more information, refer to the Dual Enrollment by Undergraduates statement in the Graduate Education section of this catalog.

International Engagement: Honors College members are strongly encouraged to participate in international engagement experiences. Honors students should consult their major college for international experiences that could enhance their curriculum.