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The Eli Broad College of Business and The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management

Graduate Study

Business Research - Master of Science

The Master of Science degree with a major in Business Research provides a graduate-level degree for individuals with skills in research methods  and graduate-level course work in a business-related area.  The program is only available under Plan B (without thesis). The curriculum is flexible and allows students to choose courses that will meet their specific professional needs. Courses are offered in all of the major areas of the College of Business.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the Eli Broad College of Business and Graduate School of Management, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Applicants for admission must possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized educational institution, a superior academic record, and very strong scores on either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Persons admitted must have the qualifications of perseverance and intellectual curiosity, and an interest in scholarly research. Evidence of these qualities is obtained from an appraisal of a statement of purpose submitted by the applicant and letters of recommendation.

Admissions decisions are made by a faculty committee in the department of the student’s major field of concentration and are reviewed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Business Research

The Master of Science degree in Business Research is available under Plan B (non-thesis). A total of 30 credits are required for the degree. The student’s program of study must be approved by the program director.

  1. Complete at least 12 credits in 800-900 level courses in research methods such as statistics, econometrics, or other areas.
  2. Complete at least 18 additional credits of 800-900 level courses, including at least 12 credits from courses offered by the College of Business.
  3. Successfully complete a final examination or evaluation.
Academic Standards

Students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 in all graduate courses.