Academic Programs Catalog

General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Programming Organizations

Class Councils

The Class Councils (senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman) consists of up to 25 students, each chosen to represent the views of and initiate activities for  Michigan State University. During the year, the Class Councils are involved in sponsoring workshops, hosting events pertinent to their class and coordinating special projects. For more information, contact ASMSU at 1-517-355-8266, or

University Activities Board

The University Activities Board (UAB) programs events for students, by students, to enhance the Spartan experience at Michigan State University.  UAB strives to provide unique, high quality experiences that contribute to student growth. Involving the diverse student body, we aspire to have a substantial impact on campus life and for every student to graduate with a UAB memory. Our core values are: Inclusion, Collaboration, Student Voice, Flexibility, Accessibility, and Development. Our events include live music, comedians, craft nights, open mic nights and so much more. UAB membership is free and open to all MSU undergraduate students.  Visit or@UABatMSU on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, phone 1-517-355-3354 or e-mail: