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General Procedures and Regulations

Computer Science Waiver Examination: CSE 101

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers the option of a waiver examination in CSE 101 for students whose programs (a) require the course and (b) are willing to accept passage of the waiver examination in place of the actual course. Students who wish to explore this option should do the following:

  1. Consult Academic Programs or the academic advisor in your major program to determine if the waiver examination is acceptable for purposes of the major.
  2. For information regarding examination information such as time, date, location, and cost of examination as well as examination contents and preparation information, visit

Students may take the waiver exam only once. It must be taken prior to enrollment in the course. Pre-registration is required. The exam is proctored and administered once per semester. No make-up tests are provided. Successful completion of the test waives the requirement for participating programs but does not produce academic credit or a grade. A transcript notation will indicate the CSE 101 Waiver.