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Financial Aid

All financial aid (except College Work Study) which has been authorized at the time the MSU Billing Statement is produced will appear on the bill as Anticipated Aid. 
Actual financial aid payments are not made until ten days before the first class day of the semester.  Until that time, aid which students are eligible to receive will be listed on the bill and will reduce the amount owed.

Aid that does not appear as Anticipated on the account may require additional actions in the Student Financial Planning (SFP) financial aid system. Students or authorized guests may visit the portal at to view requested documents or actions.

Eligibility for each award is monitored during the semester and may change due to changes in enrollment as of the time it is credited to the account through the end of the semester.  Refer to the Office of Financial Aid web page at for further information on types of aid and the requirements for each.

If the total financial aid credited to the account exceeds the amount owed, the student may be entitled to a refund.  Refunds are sent via Direct Deposit by the Student Accounts Office according to their calendar and students can contact that office for more information.

NOTE: Financial Aid for the current academic year may be used to pay past due debts on the account up to a maximum of $200.  The student must contact the Student Accounts Office to request this service.  Some exceptions may be made for non-federal funds.  Students should review their financial aid resources to determine that they have excess funds before contacting Student Accounts.

Additional aid that is awarded after a semester's bill has been produced is automatically applied to the account and will pay on that semester's costs.  A prior debt of up to $200 will automatically be paid with financial aid unless the student informs the Student Accounts Office to the contrary in writing 10 days before the start of the semester.