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Financial Aid

All financial aid (except College Work Study) which has been authorized at the time the Registration Billing Statement is produced will appear on the bill. There are two types of financial aid — actual and anticipated.

Actual financial aid is aid which students are eligible to receive, as of the date of the registration bill. This aid will be listed in the detailed transaction section of the bill. It has been applied to the fees owed, reducing the amount owed.

Anticipated financial aid will be listed separately on the bill, in the anticipated financial aid section. Anticipated aid is not an actual payment on the account; it does not reduce the amount owed. Anticipated aid is only used to reduce the 'Minimum Amount Due' on the Registration Billing Statement. In order for anticipated aid to become actual aid, further action on the student's part may be needed. Please refer to 'Financial Aid (check your aid)' on STUINFO, the student online system ( for information on actions that may be required.

Eligibility for each of the different awards is monitored at various points in the semester, ranging from the point of time it is credited to the account, to the end of the semester. Refer to the financial aid award notification, or contact the Office of Financial Aid, for more specific information.

If the total of actual financial aid (no longer anticipated aid) exceeds the amount owed and registration has been completed, the student may be entitled to a refund. Refunds will be directly deposited or mailed to the current address if available during the week before classes begin. If the student's aid and registration are finalized after this mailing, refunds are produced nightly and mailed or directly deposited the following workday through the 3rd day of classes (approximately). After this period, refunds are produced and directly deposited or mailed weekly.  NOTE: Financial aid for a current semester may be used to pay past due Controller's Office debts up to $200 maximum to enable a student to become registered.  The student must contact the Student Accounts Office in 140 Administration Building to request this service.  If the student is unable to enroll because of a past due debt, the student must meet in person with a Financial Aid Officer to determine available resources before contacting the Student Accounts Office.  Once a student is registered, financial aid for the current semester will be automatically used to pay any past due Controller's Office debts up to a maximum of $200 unless the student informs the Student Accounts Office to the contrary in writing 10 days before the start of the semester.