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College of Social Science

Department of Political Science

Graduate Study
Political Science - Master of Arts

The Master of Arts program is designed to prepare students for doctoral studies. Those accepted are judged by the committee on admissions as qualified to enter the doctoral program, and it is anticipated they plan to complete this program at Michigan State University.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university, of the College of Social Science, and of the Department of Political Science, students must meet the requirements specified below.

Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in Political Science

The program is available only under Plan B (without thesis).  The student must meet the requirements specified below: 

  1. Complete at least 30 credits distributed as follows:
    1. At least 24 credits in Political Science courses at the 800–900 level including Political Science 800, 801, and 802
    2. No more than 6 credits in courses at the 400–900 level in related disciplines
  2. Submit two substantial research papers acceptable to the department.  These papers normally will be written in graduate seminars in Political Science and will be evaluated by the instructor(s) of the courses.

    With the written approval of the department, a student may complete fewer than 24 credits in Political Science courses and more than 6 credits in courses in related disciplines.

Academic Standards

The student must maintain an overall grade–point average of 3.00 or higher.

Transfer Credits

For Law College students who have been admitted to the dual J.D.-M.A. program with Michigan State University -  College of Law, a maximum of 12 credits from Michigan State University - College of Law may be transferred to the M.A. program with a major in political science. A grade of 2.0 in a Law course will transfer to MSU as a passing grade. Students will be assessed at the Law College tuition rate with a graduate assistantship covering only the MSU cost of in-state tuition.