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Graduate Specialization in Judicial Administration

Management of the courts and the judicial process in contemporary society requires expert knowledge and complex skills. The courts need qualified professionals who can ensure that the public receives timely and just resolution to cases requiring judicial intervention.

The Specialization in Judicial Administration, which is administered by the School of Criminal Justice within the College of Social Science, is available online as an elective to students who are enrolled in master’s degree programs at Michigan State University with the exception of student's pursuing the Master of Science in Judicial Administration. This specialization is designed to meet the educational needs of students currently working in the judicial system. It prepares students to understand the purposes and responsibilities of the courts; leadership and its role in guiding the courts;  and interaction with the community. It provides opportunities to learn how to obtain and manage human resources including staff education and development, budgets, and fiscal resources; manage cases and information technology effectively; envision and plan strategically; and implement and manage auxiliary court programs and required services, which complement and support the core functions of the courts.

With the approval of the department or school and college that administers the student’s degree program, courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the specialization may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the master’s degree. The student’s program of study must be approved by the student’s guidance committee for the specialization.

Requirements for the Graduate Specialization in Judicial Administration

The student must:

1. Complete all of the following core courses (12 credits):  
  CJ 812 Criminal Justice Management Seminar 3
  CJ 829 National and Global Trends in Court Planning 3
  CJ 860 Historical Foundations/Contemporary Frameworks of Judicial Administration 3
  CJ 864 Elements of Essential Court Operations 3
  Equivalent courses may be substituted with approval of the Criminal Justice academic advisor.