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Dual Major Doctoral Degrees

All dual major doctoral degrees must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. A request for the dual major degree must be submitted via GradPlan within one semester following its development and within the first two years of the student’s enrollment at Michigan State University.

  1. The intent to receive the degree in two areas must be outlined in the guidance committee report.
  2. The Ph.D. Degree Plan must reflect the required standards for both departments.
  3. The integrated course work must be satisfactory to both departments.
  4. The comprehensive examination must be passed to the satisfaction of both departments.
  5. A guidance committee including members from both departments must be satisfied that the dissertation represents a contribution meeting the usual standards in both areas.
  6. There must be a single dissertation that represents an integration of the disciplinary areas.
  7. Responsible Conduct of Research requirements will be as defined and approved by the guidance committee in accordance with the University RCR requirements.