Academic Programs Catalog

College of Social Science

Center for Advanced Study of International Development

Robert S. Glew, Director

The Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID) is a multidisciplinary unit, organized within the College of Social Science in cooperation with the Office of the Dean of International Studies and Programs and strengthened by the participation of scholars from a variety of other colleges. CASID works to facilitate and catalyze MSU faculty research and scholarship in fields related to international development.  The Center is a national and international center of excellence and supports the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge about international development.  CASID seeks to advance knowledge and transform lives through collaborative learning and responsive engagement with peoples and communities around the globe.  Established in 1981, CASID has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education to operate as a National Resource Center for Foreign Language and International Studies and continues to award Foreign Language and International Studies Fellowships under Title VI of the Higher Education Act.

CASID also promotes undergraduate and graduate programs focusing on issues of international development, works with academic units to assure continued availability and quality of relevant course offerings, coordinates issue–oriented interest groups, and supports scholarly presentations, and outreach programming.

An undergraduate Minor in Global Studies in Social Science and Minor in International Development are available to interested students as well as the Graduate Specialization in International Development. For additional information, refer to the statement on Minors in the College of Social Science section of this catalog.