Academic Programs Catalog

College of Social Science

Graduate Study

Master of Arts

Most students in the College of Social Science pursue the Master of Arts degree, although several other master's degree programs are available through the College.

Requirements for the Degree

A maximum of 8 credits is allowed for thesis research.

Academic Standards

The accumulation of grades below 3.0 (including N grades in the P–N grading system) in more than two courses of three or more credits each removes the student from the degree program; this policy does not apply to courses below the 400 level unless the courses are required for the student's program.

Time Limit

The time limit for completion of the master's degree is six years from the beginning of the first semester in which credit was earned toward the degree.

Other Master's Degrees 

Other degrees at the master's level offered by the College are listed below. For a description and summary of the requirements for each degree, consult the section of this catalog devoted to the appropriate department or school. The statements on Academic Standards and Time Limit for the Master of Arts degree also apply to all other master's degrees in the College.

Master of International Planning Studies  School of Planning, Design and Construction  
Master of Human Resources  School of Labor and Industrial Relations  
Master of Science  Department of Geography, School of Criminal Justice  
Master of Public Policy  Department of Political Science  
Master of Social Work  School of Social Work  
Master in Urban and Regional Planning School of Planning, Design and Construction