Academic Programs Catalog

College of Natural Science

Graduate Study

Master of Science and Master of Arts

The Master of Science is the conventional degree for all majors in the College of Natural Science. The Master of Arts may be conferred upon student request and College approval in the Department of Statistics and Probability.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the University as described in the Graduate Education section of this catalog, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Admission to provisional status may be used to indicate incomplete records, incomplete interpretation of available records, a grade–point average below 3.00 but with other evidence of good capacity, or minor deficiencies in subject matter.

Students may be transferred from one classification to another at any time by the dean, normally upon the recommendation of the department.

The college as a whole does not require an entrance examination. However, all departments expect students to provide Graduate Record Examination General Test scores.

Requirements for the Master of Science or Master of Arts Degree

For Plan A, a maximum of 15 credits of master's thesis research may be permitted.

Academic Standards

The minimum standard is a 3.00 grade–point average. Standards may be set higher than the minimum by the academic unit responsible for the degree program. The accumulation of grades below 3.0 in more than three courses of 3 or more credits each, or deferreds in more than three courses of 3 or more credits each at any given time, or a combination of the above in excess of four courses automatically removes the student from candidacy for the degree. A student who fails to meet the academic standards for any program may, on recommendation of the director, be required by the dean to withdraw at the end of any semester.


The minimum residence requirement is 8 credits on campus. A program may require more.

Time Limit

The time limit for completion of the master's degree is six years from the beginning of the first semester in which credit was earned toward the degree.