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All professional colleges have established minimum requirements in selected areas of knowledge for admission (hereafter referred to as admission requirements). Although fulfilling these requirements does not in itself guarantee admission, their fulfillment is a necessary first step for those who aspire to enter a professional college.

At Michigan State University students may select programs of study which help to prepare them for enrollment in professional colleges. Since the admission requirements of various professional colleges vary, it is not feasible to establish a single program that satisfies the admission requirements of all colleges in a given profession. However, in the fields of dentistry, allopathic and osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, physicians assistant, podiatry, and optometry, the College of Natural Science does have suggested programs of study. These programs satisfy the minimum admission requirements of most professional colleges. It is the student's responsibility to determine whether or not the proposed program meets the minimum admission requirements of a particular professional college.

There are a number of programs of study which may be completed in the normal four years and which provide both the academic preparation for admission to a professional school and fulfill the requirements for a bachelor's degree. The preprofessional programs as outlined do not in themselves lead to a bachelor's degree.