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Teaching and Curriculum - Master of Arts

The master’s program in teaching and curriculum is designed principally for persons who wish to acquire advanced professional knowledge related to teaching and curriculum diverse learners in K–12 schools. The program is offered in face-to-face, online, and hybrid formats.

This master’s program in teaching and curriculum consists of (1) designated areas of integrated, practice-centered inquiry in professional, disciplinary, and foundational studies and (2) sustained, simultaneous inquiry in both university and public–school settings. The program is designed for certified teachers and other educators who wish to continue their professional studies in teaching and curriculum.

Students wishing to add an Arabic or an English as a Second Language endorsement, a Classroom Reading Teacher (BT) endorsement, or Reading Specialist certification (BR) to their Michigan teaching certificate, as part of their Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum program may do so by completing the specified requirements for this endorsement or certification that have been approved by the Michigan Department of Education.

The program also considers applications from students who wish to pursue Michigan teacher certification in tandem with earning the master’s degree in curriculum and teaching.  Such students need to apply to and be accepted into the Teacher Certification Program, through which they will meet current Michigan teacher certification requirements in a program of study and in a year-long internship that will be tailored to their teaching aspirations and their previous academic background.  [For additional information on the requirements for teacher certification and for admission into Michigan State University’s Teacher Certification Program, see the TEACHER CERTIFICATION section of this catalog.]

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Education, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Applications for admission to the master's program are reviewed by faculty who look for evidence of appropriate preparation for advanced disciplinary and professional study at the master's level and the likelihood of academic success, as indicated by an applicant's prior educational record, work experience, statement of professional goals, letters of recommendation, and an assigned professional essay.

Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Curriculum

The program is available only under Plan B (without thesis).  Students must complete 30 credits distributed as follows:

1. Professional Development and Inquiry Core (9 credits):
a. One of the following courses:
TE 807 Professional Development and Inquiry 3
TE 808 Inquiry into Classroom Teaching and Learning 3
b. One of the following courses:
TE 801 Professional Roles and Teaching Practice I 3
TE 818 Curriculum in Its Social Context 3
Students who have completed Teacher Education 801 in the College's Internship Year Studies program may use it to fulfill this requirement.
c. One of the following capstone courses:
TE 870 Curriculum Design, Development, and Deliberation in Schools 3
TE 872 Teachers as Teacher Educators 3
TE 873 Literacy Leadership 3
2. Concentration (9 credits):
Complete 9 credits in course work selected from one of the following:
a. Three 3-credit courses at the 400-level or above from a list of approved courses available in the department.
b. Three 3-credit courses at the 400-level or above from one of the areas of concentration on an approved list available in the department.
3. Electives (12 credits):
a. Three 3-credit Teacher Education courses at the 400-level or above from a list of approved courses available in the department. Students who have completed Teacher Education 802 and 804 in the College's Internship Year Studies program may use those courses to fulfill this requirement.
b. Three additional credits of electives as approved by the student's academic advisor.
4. A synthesis paper acceptable to the student's examining committee.  This paper must be submitted near the end of the student's program of study. The submission of an acceptable synthesis paper and professional portfolio satisfies the University requirement of a final examination or evaluation.
5. A professional portfolio developed by the student throughout the master’s program, beginning in Teacher Education 807 or 808. The portfolio is reviewed by two faculty members. A third reviewer is required if the first two reviewers do not reach consensus regarding the acceptability of the portfolio. The submission of an acceptable portfolio satisfies the University’s requirement of a final examination or evaluation.