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College of Education

Department of Teacher Education

Requirements for the Disciplinary Teaching Minors

(Available only to students pursuing a major in comparative cultures and politics, international relations, political theory and constitutional democracy, social relations and policy, interdisciplinary studies in social science, interdisciplinary studies in social science: social science education, or history with a teacher certification option)

GEO 204 World Regional Geography 3
GEO 206 Physical Geography 3
GEO 206L Physical Geography Laboratory 1
GEO 221 Introduction to Geographic Information 3
GEO 330 Geography of the United States and Canada 3
GEO 333 Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region 3
One of the following courses:      
GEO 113 Introduction to Economics Geography 3
GEO 151 Cultural Geography 3
One additional course in Geography at the 300 or 400 level 3
            Total 22
Students enrolled in the disciplinary teaching minor in geography must have their programs approved by the department.