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K-12 Educational Administration - Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral degree program in K–12 educational administration is designed to prepare persons who will become administrators in K–12 school systems; administrators, educators, or researchers in institutions of higher education; or policy analysts or policy makers in a variety of agencies concerned with K–12 education.

Perspectives on K–12 educational administration,  study of topics of enduring concern to educational administrators, clinical experiences, and applied research are integral aspects of this doctoral program.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Education, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Applications for admission to the program are reviewed by faculty who look for indications of a high probability of success within the program.  Such indications include a high level of academic performance at the bachelor's and master's levels, evidence of leadership in education, and a statement of professional goals that is consistent with the objectives and resources of the program.  Applicants must submit a writing sample.

Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in K–12 Educational Administration

Students must meet the requirements specified below.

1. Educational Inquiry and Research:  
  a. The following courses:  
    CEP 930 Educational Inquiry 3
    CEP 932 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I 3
  b. One of the following courses:  
    CEP 933 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II 3
    A 900–level course in advanced qualitative methods approved by the student's guidance committee.  
  c. A research practicum to be taken after the student has completed the courses referenced in items 1.a. and 1.b. above:  
    EAD 995 Research Practicum in Educational Administration 1 to 3
2. K–12 Educational Administration:  
  a. One of the following courses:  
    EAD 990 Independent Study 3
    EAD 994 Laboratory and Field Experience in Educational Administration 3
  b. At least 12 credits in other K–12 educational administration courses approved by the student's guidance committee.  
3. Concentration Course work. Students must complete a minimum of 9 credits of course work that builds expertise in an area related to their doctoral research. These courses should be organized around a specific theme, must be selected with an advisor's guidance, and must be approved by the student's guidance committee. These courses may be taken inside or outside the Department of Educational Administration.  
4. Successful completion and defense of the dissertation. Students may not earn more than 30 credits in EAD 999 Doctoral Dissertation Research.