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Minor in International Business

The Minor in International Business will be attractive to students who plan careers with an international orientation and who wish to add breadth to their major. The minor is designed for students who desire to increase their understanding of various regions of the world and the global marketplace.

The Minor in International Business is administered by the Department of Marketing and is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in The Eli Broad College of Business.

Students who are interested in the minor must contact The Eli Broad College of Business Undergraduate Academic Services unit.

With the approval of the department and college that administers the student's degree program, the courses that are used to satisfy the minor may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

Requirements for the Minor in International Business

The student must complete the requirements specified below with a grade-point average of 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill requirements 1. and 2.:

1. Two of the following courses (6 credits):
EC 340 Survey of International Economics 3
FI 451 International Financial Management 3
GBL 460 International Business Law and Sustainability 3
MGT 476 Globalization and International Management 3
MKT 415 International Marketing  3
A course taken to fulfill this requirement may not be used to fulfill requirement 2.
2. Complete an additional 9 credits in courses approved by The Eli Broad College of Business that include international business content. The college’s Undergraduate Academic Service unit maintains an approved list of courses for satisfying this requirement. Any other courses must be approved by the student’s academic advisor prior to enrollment in the course.
3. Completion of a study abroad program (6 credits) or a pre-approved international internship (credit or non-credit) as approved by The Eli Broad College of Business.
4. Demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to four semesters of study at the university-level. The results of the Michigan State University foreign language placement test will be considered in determining whether or not the student has fulfilled this requirement.