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Institute of Agricultural Technology

Urban Forest Management

The Urban Forest Management program prepares graduates for a wide range of employment and career choices. Each student receives personal, one-on-one help in selecting their program of study, including a workplace internship. Students will collect and analyze urban and community forestry data, coordinate planning activities, manage field operations, provide technical expertise and lead staff. Students also implement bidding and contracting processes and develop and maintain stakeholder relationships.

Requirements for Urban Forest Management

Students must complete 60 to 61 credits from the following:

1. All of the following courses (36 courses):
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
CSS 143 Introduction to Soil Science 2
ENT 110 Applied Entomology of Economic Plants 3
FOR 111 Field Exploration of Urban and Community Forestry 1
FOR 112 Career Development in Urban and Community Forestry 1
FOR 113 Urban Tree Care Equipment and Worker Safety 2
FOR 114 Introduction to Climbing and Aerial Tree Work 1
FOR 120 Survey of Urban and Community Forestry 2
FOR 125 Methods of Engagement in Urban and Community Forestry 2
FOR 222 Forestry Field Methods 2
FOR 225 Urban Forestry Information Technology 3
FOR 235 Urban Tree Care Practicum 3
FOR 240 Crew Leadership and Management in Arboriculture 2
FOR 245 Capstone Experience in Urban and Community Forestry 2
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance 2
PLP 105 Fundamentals of Applied Plant Pathology 2
2. Complete 24 or 25 credits of additional course work through Muskegon Community College. All course work must be approved by the program coordinator in the Institute of Agricultural Technology.