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Program in Women, Gender, and Social Justice

Graduate Study
Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Women's and Gender Studies

The Graduate Specialization in Women's and Gender Studies is designed for completion by either master’s or doctoral students. The graduate specialization is administered by the Program in Women, Gender and Social Justice in the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Social Science.

The graduate specialization in Women's and Gender Studies is designed to provide opportunities for graduate students to obtain a comprehensive, cross/interdisciplinary academic experience in women and gender and to foster the growth of interdisciplinary research and teaching on women and gender. Emphasis is given to understanding the diversity of women’s lives nationally and globally.

The graduate specialization is open to graduate students with adequate undergraduate preparation in women and gender. The specialization should complement advanced, discipline-based degrees by providing an interdisciplinary, feminist component.

Graduate students who are interested in enrolling should contact the advisor for the specialization.

With the approval of the advisor for the specialization, courses that are used to satisfy requirements in the student’s graduate degree program may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the Graduate Specialization in Women's and Gender Studies.

Requirements for the Graduate Specialization in Women's and Gender Studies

The student must complete 12 credits of course work distributed as follows and as approved by advisor for the specialization.

1. Women’s Studies 897.
2. Nine additional credits in courses with women and gender content selected from the following with at least 3 credits at the 800-level or above:
ANP 431 Gender, Environment and Development 3
ANP 432 American Indian Women 3
ANP 859 Gender, Justice and Environmental Change: Methods and Application 3
CJ 425 Women and Criminal Justice 3
CSUS 858 Gender, Justice and Environmental Change: Issues and Concepts 3
ENG 448 Seminar in Gender and Literature 3
ENG 482 Seminar in Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory 3
FLM 452 Studies in Film, Gender, and Sexuality 3
HST 412 Women in Modern European History 3
HST 420 History of Sexuality since the 18th Century 3
HST 860 Seminar in Women’s History 3
MC 482 Gender and Violent Conflict 4
PHL 456 Topics in Feminist Philosophy 4
SOC 831 Intersections of Class, Race, and Gender 3
SOC 833 Gender and Power 3
SOC 839 Structural Inequalities and Families 3
SOC 931 Topics in Structural Inequality 3
SPN 876 Seminar in Gender Studies in the Hispanic World 3
WS 403 Women and Change in Developing Countries 3
WS 404 Women and the Law in the United States 3
Additional courses may be available to meet this requirement. Students should consult with the academic advisor.