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French - Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree in French provides students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of French and Francophone literature, culture, and linguistics while developing the skills necessary to engage these fields in a critical, professional way. The Master of Arts in French is the first step in any number of careers, teaching in secondary schools or community colleges, working in government or industry, or pursuing further study in a doctoral program.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Arts and Letters, students must also meet the requirements specified below.


To be admitted to the Master of Arts degree program in French on regular status, an applicant must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree in French, or have completed the courses in French that are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in French at Michigan State University or their equivalents.
  2. A grade–point average of at least 3.00 in undergraduate French language and literature courses.
  3. The results of the Graduate Record Examination General Test (GRE) forwarded to the Department of Romance and Classical Studies.

Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in French

The program is available under Plan A (with thesis) and Plan B (without thesis). A total of 33 or 34 credits is required for the degree. The student’s program of study must be approved by the graduate advisor. The student must meet the requirements specified below:

Requirements for Both Plan A and Plan B  
1. Both of the following courses (6 credits):  
  a. The following course:  
    ROM 803 Foundations of Contemporary Language Teaching 3
  b. One of the following courses:  
    AL 827 Pro-seminar in Critical and Cultural Theory 3
    ENG 802 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
    FRN 850 Introduction to Critical Theory 3
    ROM 805 Topics in Critical Theory 3
2. Two courses in each of the following fields (18 credits):  
  Medieval and Early Modern French Studies  
  FRN 805 Evolution of the French Language 3
  FRN 810 Studies in Medieval French Literature 3
  FRN 815 Studies in 16th-Century French Literature 3
  FRN 820 French Literature of the 17th Century 3
  FRN 890 Independent Study 3
  FRN 891 Special Topics in French 3
  Post-Revolutionary and Modern French Studies  
  FRN 825 Studies in 18th Century French Literature 3
  FRN 830 Studies in 19th Century Literature 3
  FRN 890 Independent Study 3
  FRN 891 Special Topics in French 3
  Contemporary French and Francophone Studies  
  FRN 806 Topics in French Linguistics 3
  FRN 835 Studies in 20th Century Literature 3
  FRN 890 Independent Study 3
  FRN 891 Special Topics in French 3
3. Complete 6 credits of electives at the 400-level or above in consultation with the student’s advisor. The student’s advisor must approve all course enrollments. Students may complete a cognate field outside of the department which would include at least two graduate courses for which the student has had suitable preparation. Courses in a language other than French, if taken at the 400-level or above, may constitute a cognate area.  
Additional Requirements for Plan A  
1. Complete 4 credits of FRN 899 Master’s Thesis Research.  
2. Pass a final oral examination that covers the student’s program of study, thesis, and reading list.  
Additional Requirements for Plan B  
Complete one of the following options:  
1. Complete 3 credits of FRN 897 Master’s Examination and pass a final written and oral examination that cover the student’s program of study and reading list.  
2. Complete 3 credits of FRN 898 Master’s Research Project and pass a final oral examination that covers the student’s program of study, master’s research project, and reading list.