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College of Veterinary Medicine

Food Safety - Master of Science

Food Safety - Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Food Safety embodies the principles of prevention of foodborne illness. The certificate is a fully online program that addresses the needs of the food industry, government, and public health for their employees to be educated in many of the aspects of safeguarding food supply. The certificate is not open to students pursuing the Master of Science degree in Food Safety.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Food Safety

Students must complete 12 credits from the following:
1. All of the following courses (9 credits):
VM 811 Evolution and Ecology of Foodborne Pathogens 3
VM 812 Food Safety Toxicology 3
VM 831 Foodborne Disease Epidemiology for the Professional 3
2. One of the following courses (3 credits):
FSC 810 International Food Laws and Regulations 3
FSC 811 U.S. Food Laws and Regulations 3
VM 814 Packaging for Food Safety 3
VM 817 Livestock Pre-Harvest Food Safety 3
VM 821 Food Protection and Defense 3
VM 824 Global Food Safety 3
VM 825 Quantifying Food Risk 3
VM 834 Current Issues in Food Safety 3
VM 835 Food Safety for Produce 3
VM 840 Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Production 3
Other 800-level courses may be used to fulfill this requirement with program advisor approval.