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Since the admission requirements to professional programs such as human and veterinarian medicine, business, and law vary among post-baccalaureate professional schools, it is not feasible to establish a single program for each profession that satisfies the admission requirements of all such schools. However, many majors within the College of Arts and Letters prepare students for application to these graduate programs. In addition, students  may create a program of study that meets the specific admission requirements of the professional college of their choice. Early advising and careful planning are critical in these instances.

The College of Arts and Letters does have, however, a suggested program of study in Humanities-Prelaw which will satisfy the admission requirements of most professional law schools. It is the responsibility of the student to determine whether or not the proposed program meets the entrance requirements of a chosen professional college. For details, consult the following sections Interdisciplinary Humanities, Humanities-Prelaw Program, and the College of Arts and Letters 3 + 3 Option.