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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Institute of Water Research

Darrell W. Donahue, Director

The Michigan State University Institute of Water Research was established in 1961 to promote and coordinate water research, education, and advisory services for the inland waters and Great Lakes of Michigan. Serving as a bridging organization, the Institute is able to work across disciplinary boundaries and develop partnerships with campus departments, local and state agencies, and other Universities and organizations in the broad water arena. The Institute is a focal point to which University and off-campus communities can turn for advice and assistance in support of water research issues. It is one of 54 state institutes designated by Congress to administer research funds authorized under the Water Research Resources Act of 1984. With this base and through private, state, and federal funds, the Institute supports integrated research projects for faculty and graduate students on campus and in other universities.

The Institute provides leadership in building partnerships and implementing programs at the state, regional, and international level, and in solving real-world water-related problems. It uses advanced data management, decision support systems, integrated social networking components, and cutting-edge technology to address land and water resources issues such as nonpoint source pollution, nutrient reduction and ecological processes.  The Institute also coordinates online education and training programs including a professional certificate program, for surface and ground water protection and watershed management. Through its outreach programming and dissemination of information on water research, the Institute provides citizens throughout the state and region with science-based information and knowledge that enables them to make better informed decisions regarding water issues.