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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Institute of Agricultural Technology

Swine Management (this program is in moratorium Fall 2017 through Spring 2018)

Food production, including that of pork, is increasing along with the world’s population due to the use of scientific technologies and skilled people. If we are to keep pace with the growing population, we will need more of these two vital inputs. The tasks of developing new technologies and new human resources are equally challenging.

The swine management program is designed to prepare people for careers in modern pork production anywhere in the world.  The one-year program judiciously balances “hands-on” training with classroom instruction in the areas of animal care, nutrition, housing maintenance, swine health, reproduction, records management, environmental management and personnel management.  Students also gain practical experience through a summer-long internship on a commercial swine farm in Michigan or beyond. Swine management graduates will have numerous career opportunities including: farm owners/operators, managers or assistant managers (breeding herd, farrowing, nursery, grower-finisher, transportation, feeds, marketing), department supervisors or regional representatives.

Requirements for Swine Management
The student must complete 35 credits from the following:
1. All of the following courses (32 credits):
ABM 130 Farm Management I 3
AEE 110 Foundations of ANR Communications: Learning and Leadership 2
ANS 110 Introductory Animal Agriculture 4
ANS 171 Swine Clerkship 2
ANS 203 Principles of Livestock Feeding 2
ANS 205 Reproduction in Livestock 2
ANS 272 Introductory Swine Management 3
AT 45 Agricultural Communications 2
AT 55 Agricultural Finance 3
AT 71 Technical Mathematics 2
AT 291 Selected Topics in Agricultural Technology 2
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 6
CSS 110 Computer Applications in Agronomy 2
2. Complete 3 credits of elective course work 3