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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Institute of Agricultural Technology

Landscape and Lawn Management (this program is in moratorium Fall 2017 through Spring 2019)

The Landscape and Lawn Management program is a unique partnership between the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources' Institute of Agricultural Technology and Grand Rapids Community College. This program provides students an opportunity to gain the necessary skills for a successful career in the billion-dollar landscape and nursery industry without leaving the Grand Rapids area. Graduates of the program work as owners, managers, buyers, or salespersons in retail firms, commercial landscape construction and maintenance operations, and as well as for private enterprises.

The program combines the theories and principles of classroom instruction with the practical experience of placement training. Although the emphasis is on landscape and lawn management, other important aspects of a college education are included. Students are required to take courses in fields such as written communications, botany, business management, computer science, soil science, plant pathology, entomology, ornamental plant identification, and much more.

Upon completion of the program requirements for the certificate, students also have the option of completing 20 additional credits at Grand Rapids Community College to obtain an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. The additional courses are in business, chemistry, written communications, humanities, and social science.

Requirements for Landscape and Lawn Management

1. All of the following courses (25 credits):
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
CSS 202 World of Turf 2
CSS 202L World of Turf Lab 1
CSS 210 Fundamentals of Soil Science 3
ENT 110 Applied Entomology of Economic Plants 3
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 212 Landscape Plants II 3
HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance 2
HRT 214 Landscape and Turfgrass Business Operations 2
PLP 104 Applied Plant Pathology for Ornamentals and Turf 3
2. Complete a minimum of 3 credits of course work from the Institute of  Agricultural Technology as approved by the program coordinator.
3. Complete 20 credits of course work from Grand Rapids Community College as approved by the program coordinator.