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Landscape and Nursery Management

The Landscape and Nursery Management program at Michigan State University provides students an opportunity to gain the necessary skills for a successful career in the multibillion dollar green industry. The program combines classroom instruction and theory with practical experience gained through field laboratories and a professional internship. Graduates of the program work as owners, managers, buyers, or salespersons in a wide variety of horticultural industries: landscape design, construction, and management; irrigation design, installation, and management; retail garden center management; herbaceous and woody plant production; urban tree management; and public and/or private botanical gardens.

Horticulture is a complex and diversified, yet fully integrated discipline that encompasses the biological, molecular, physical, management and marketing sciences and the arts to improve the production of nutritious, high-quality and safe food, advances the development and use of new specialty crops, enhances human health and well-being, and positively impacts the natural and built environments.

Students will have opportunities to enroll in online courses, courses integrated with outreach and extension programs, and 5- or 10-week module courses. Students are extensively involved in activities beyond the classroom such as working in research laboratories; assisting in field-based projects, landscape, greenhouse, garden, and nursery operations; running the Horticulture Club’s annual spring show and plant sale; and participating in academic and field events associated with the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).

The Landscape and Nursery Management program is offered by the Department of Horticulture in cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Technology.

Requirements for Landscape and Nursery Management

1. All of the following courses (30 credits):
AT 45 Agricultural Communications 2
AT 102 Turf and Landscape Analytical Practices 2
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
CSS 110 Computer Applications in Agronomy 2
CSS 210 Fundamentals of Soil Science 3
ENT 111 Basics of Applied Entomology 2
HRT 109 Introduction to Applied Plant Science 2
HRT 207 Horticulture Career Development 1
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 212 Landscape Plants II 3
HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance 2
HRT 213L Landscape Maintenance Field Laboratory 1
HRT 214 Landscape and Turfgrass Business Operations 2
PLP 105 Fundamentals of Applied Plant Pathology 2
2. Complete at least 9 credits from the following courses in the college as approved by the program coordinator in the Institute of Agricultural Technology:
AE 153 Engine and Equipment Technology 2
AT 101 Spanish for the Agricultural Industry 2
CSS 181 Pesticide and Fertilizer Application Technology 3
CSS 202 World of Turf 2
HRT 204 Plant Propagation 2
HRT 218 Irrigation Systems for Horticulture 3
HRT 219 Landscape Computer Aided Design 2
HRT 221 Greenhouse Structures and Management 3
3. Complete a minimum of 9 additional credits in the college chosen in consultation with and approved by the program coordinator in the Institute of Agricultural Technology.
Students who do not demonstrate English proficiency through the IAT-administered Accuplacer placement test or college-level transfer credit must complete AT 045 Agricultural Communications (2 credits) or an equivalent course as approved by the program coordinator.