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Institute of Agricultural Technology

Dairy Management

Because dairy farming is among the leading agricultural enterprises in Michigan, the dairy program has been developed to meet the specialized needs of the herd manager and commercial dairy farmer. Opportunities abound for persons with the combination of classroom training in the areas of dairy husbandry, nutrition, artificial insemination, crops, and farm management and the practical experience that may be obtained on any of the many cooperating dairy farms in Michigan and the surrounding states.

Programs of study tailored to meet the individual’s wants and needs are designed around the subject matter areas of agricultural economics, communications, crop and soil sciences, and agricultural mechanics. Additionally, students learn about the continuing changes in rural living, which have a great influence on agriculture.

Requirements for Dairy Management

The student must complete 48 credits from the following:

1. All of the following courses (35 credits):
ANS 132 Dairy Farm Management Seminar 2
ANS 134 Dairy Production I 3
ANS 200C Dairy Cattle Genetics and Evaluation 2
ANS 203 Principles of Livestock Feeding 2
ANS 233 Dairy Feed Management 3
ANS 234 Dairy Production II 3
ANS 235 Dairy Herd Reproduction 2
ANS 235L Dairy Herd Reproduction Laboratory 2
ANS 238 Dairy Cattle Health Management 3
ANS 295 Structure and Function of Livestock 2
AT 45 Agricultural Communications 2
AT 71 Technical Mathematics 2
AT 101 Spanish for the Agricultural Industry 2
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
CSS 110 Computer Applications in Agronomy 2
2. Complete a minimum of 13 credits of course work in the college from the following as approved by the program coordinator in the Institute of Agricultural Technology:
AFRE 100 Decision-making in the Agri-Food System 3
AFRE 130 Farm Management I 3
AFRE 232 Commodity Marketing I 3
ANS 110 Introductory Animal Agriculture 3
ANS 110L Introductory Animal Agriculture Laboratory 1
ANS 222 Introductory Beef Cattle Management 3
AT 55 Agricultural Finance 3
CSS 101 Introduction to Crop Science 3
CSS 101L Introduction to Crop Science Laboratory 1
CSS 120 Issues in Food and Agriculture 3
CSS 201 Forage Crops 3
CSS 212 Advanced Crop Production 2