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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Institute of Agricultural Technology

Applied Plant Science (this program is in moratorium Fall 2017 through Spring 2018)

Employment and career opportunities continue to expand for those who have training and educational preparation in applied plant science. In response to this regional plant industry need, Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) partners with Michigan State University to offer a combined program, which enables students to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree through Northwestern Michigan College as well as an MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology certificate - without leaving their local area. 

Bringing together the world-acclaimed expertise of Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the “close to home” convenience of outstanding community colleges, the Applied Plant Science program prepares graduates for a wide range of employment and career choices. Each student receives personal, one-on-one help in selecting her/his program of study (including workplace internship).  Students may earn their certificate in Applied Plant Science with concentrations in Commercial Horticulture Operations, Commercial Turfgrass Operations, or Landscape Horticulture.

Requirements for Applied Plant Science

1. All of the following courses (21 credits):
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
CSS 210 Fundamentals of Soil Science 3
ENT 111 Basics of Applied Entomology 3
ESA 225 Land and Environmental Issues in Law and Policy 3
HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance 2
HRT 215 Landscape Industries Seminar 1
HRT 218 Landscape Irrigation 3
PLP 200 Plant Diseases and Pathogens 3
2. One of the following concentrations (9 credits):
Commercial Horticulture Operations
Complete 9 credits from the following:
HRT 205 Plant Mineral Nutrition 1
HRT 208 Pruning and Training Systems in Horticulture 3
HRT 221 Greenhouse Structures and Management 3
HRT 242 Passive Solar Greenhouses for Protected Cultivation 1
HRT 251 Organic Farming Principles and Practices 3
HRT 253 Compost Production and Use 1
HRT 332 Tree Fruit Production and Management 2
HRT 335 Berry Crop Production and Management 1
HRT 341 Vegetable Production and Management 3
Commercial Turfgrass Operations
1. All of the following courses:
CSS 202 The World of Turf 2
CSS 203 Applied Turf Management 1
CSS 290 Independent Study in Crop and Soil Science 1
CSS 292 Management of Turfgrass Weeds 3
2. Complete a minimum of 2 credits from the following:
CSS 181 Pesticide and Fertilizer Application Technology 3
HRT 111 Landscape Design 3
HRT 208 Pruning and Training Systems in Horticulture 3
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 212 Landscape Plants II 3
HRT 214 Landscape and Turfgrass Business Operations 2
HRT 290 Independent Study in Horticulture 2
Landscape Horticulture
All of the following courses:
HRT 111 Landscape Design 3
HRT 211 Landscape Plants I 3
HRT 212 Landscape Plants II 3
3. Complete 22 credits of course work from Northwestern Michigan College as approved by the student's academic advisor.